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Porto offers goal nets for sale for 1,100 euros

Porto offers goal nets for sale for 1,100 euros

FC Porto has decided to put up for sale some pieces of the Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk, which the Dragons won 5-3.

On the official website you can see different offers. The southern goal net is for sale for 1,100 euros, while the northern goal net is priced at 900 euros.

The four corner flags, bearing the FC Porto logo, are also available at prices between €425 and €550.

According to FC Porto, this initiative is part of the club’s “new bet”, called “Club Memorabilia”.

“If there are moments that become eternal, there are certainly things, more or less common, that help to remember them. This is the concept of the new Futebol Clube do Porto bet: club memorabilia. Whether it is a ball, a football flag, a corner kick, a chair. .. almost everything, in essence. At different times throughout the year, FC Porto will make available for sale certain items that form part of the emotional life of the club. Unique products, with their own history, documented by the club and with an identity that turns them into treasures for Porto fans, Above all, but also for collectors. The motto is simple: ‘Be a proud bearer of a part of the club’s history’, which can be read on the Dragons’ website.

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