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Porto will establish its own women’s team:

A bomb in women’s volleyball! In an interview with the newspaper the gameJose Moreira, Founder and President of the Jose Moreira Academy (AJM), confirmed that the Blue and Whites have decided to terminate the partnership that has been in place since 2019 and was scheduled, at least, until 2024.

“The academy has already been notified, we have received a registered and sealed letter from FC Porto, stating that the partnership has ended as of July 1st. Without any justification, they didn’t tell me anything. I do not know, then, the reason, I only know that it will end, ”he said in statements to the aforementioned source.

Jose Moreira added that FC Porto intends to create its own team in the sport. I know they have already talked to some of our players and they want to put together a team. we? We try to organize ourselves and make our team too. There are even those who want to join us. Right now, we want to focus on winning the championship, and if that is the case, it will be us, AJM, who will compete in the Super Cup.”

It should be noted that the connection between the two parties took place in 2019, as they have so far achieved two national championships, the Portuguese Cup and four Super Cups. This season, Rui Moreira’s team adds 31 wins and only nine losses.

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