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Portrait of Tatjana Maria: family, place of residence, stroke of fate

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Maria is in pro touring as a traveling family business. Her husband Charles-Edouard coached her and designed her competition plans. At Wimbledon, the first tennis lessons belonged to her eldest daughter Charlotte – the eight-year-old regularly practiced at 8.30am and became “the next champion”, her mother says proudly. Maria is very much associated with Wimbledon. She played the first round at Church Road when she was pregnant with Charlotte. In his first year of birth, he reached the third round – his best result until 2022. Cecilia was born 15 months ago and Maria is better than ever.


Born in Bad Saulgau, the athlete lives with his family in Palm Beach Gardens on the east coast of Florida, USA. She has famous tennis neighbors nearby: she keeps in touch with the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, and talks to Serena about motherhood. When Maria is away from the family, daughter Charlotte takes digital lessons at the Florida Virtual School. Vacation till August 1. “The teachers are very nice, they call, they do tests,” said Mama Maria, who likes to talk about her dual role: “The most important thing in my life is being a mother of two children. Nothing will change that.”


Game style

Maria terrorizes opponents with her unorthodox game, which is almost timeless. He plays a lot of balls with backspin on the forehand, he is very strong and even when he was behind at Wimbledon, he came back. “There will be a lot of slice balls in this match,” predicted his opponent Zabiur, a family friend, in the upcoming semifinals as well. “You have to fix it.”

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A stroke of fate

The fact that Tatjana Maria still plays tennis today is by no means a matter of course. 14 years ago, he was diagnosed with thrombosis in his leg. Maria was in imminent danger of death due to cardiac arrest immediately following the pulmonary embolism. Operations continued. Her father, who accompanied her to the matches, died shortly after. “Some things happened to me that automatically make you stronger,” she said at Wimbledon.


Maria is very relaxed and always in a good mood. “Uncomplicated” best describes the 34-year-old, says Barbara Ridner. “You can feel that she is completely relaxed, arrived and very happy,” said the women’s national coach. German press agency About Mary. Rittner recalls the many Fed Cup performances of the generation around Angelique Gerber, Julia Gorges, Sabine Lisicki and Maria, who before marriage was called Malek. “She’s always been very balanced, very uncomplicated, with few demands. She does moods well.”

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