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PORTUGAL: A woman answers the phone and runs out of €12,000

PORTUGAL: A woman answers the phone and runs out of €12,000

Recently, many have heard about scams that led to the theft of thousands of euros. Many situations happen due to lack of digital literacy, and victims easily end up being caught by scammers… over the phone.

A woman recently answered the phone and ran out of €12,000. Find out what happened…

Burlão did not ask for access codes to the phone bank account ...

A phone call from a fraudster pretending to be a bank manager was enough to easily rob him. The owner of a car dealership got a call where his bank details were given (to create trust during the fraudulent scheme).

Interestingly, the scammer (who identified himself as Phillip) revealed the 'victim's' full name, bank account number, current balance, and even transactions carried out in the past three days (including one made there in the last 30 minutes).

The scammer did not ask for access codes to the bank account, and it was even reported that the victim's account was the target of a scam, with the scammer using the term "phishing" to see if the victim was aware of what was going on.

PORTUGAL: A woman answers the phone and runs out of €12,000

The scammer continued by telling the "scheme" to the victim that the account had to be cancelled, as there had been a suspicious transaction of €12,000. The victim received an email from the scammer, after he clicked on a "box" allowing account cancellation. A code has been received that supposedly allows account deactivation. The victim received the code via SMS to confirm this operation, but after entering it, the fraudster said that it did not work, and another code was sent. The scammer asked the victim to enter the new code and he did.

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In practice / in reality, with the fraudster's "decoy" over the phone, the victim would have agreed to a transaction of €12,000 and not carry out an operation to cancel the account. The call lasted 26 minutes and the woman saw 12,000 euros stolen from her.

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