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Portugal beats Spain and qualifies for the European Rugby Final – Styles

Portugal beats Spain and qualifies for the European Rugby Final – Styles

The Portuguese rugby team beat Spain 33-30 on Sunday, qualifying for the final of the Rugby European Championship 2024 (REC24) for the second year in a row, where they will face Georgia again.

At the Restelo Stadium, the “Wolves” were trailing in the first half with a score of 20-13, with an attempt by Lucas Martins (37 minutes), but they turned the match in their favor in the second half, with two goals from Jose Lima (51). ), Manuel Cardoso Pinto (58) and Hugo Aubry 100% efficient in converting the three attempts and adding four penalty kicks as well (11, 18, 65, 69).

The REC24 final is scheduled to be held against Georgia, the opponent that last year beat Portugal in the “decisive” with a score of 38-11, even before the two teams meet in the 2023 World Cup in France (18-18), on March 17. In Paris at 8:00 pm (Lisbon time).

In the first half, Aubry's precise footwork (11, 18) kept Portugal within the score, despite Martin Mathieu's attempt (14), at a stage where, more often than not, it was the Portuguese team itself that found itself in trouble. Its area is 22 meters.

A try by Lucas Martins (37), assisted by his brother Nicolas Martins, after a wide pass from Hugo Camacho, could have left Portugal with at least a draw at half-time (13-13), as was Spain too. Modest” in exploiting Portuguese mistakes.

However, in the last match, Hugo Aubry suffered a fatal hesitation inside his own 22-meter area, and the Spaniards took the opportunity to score the second try, through Martiniano Cian (39), who gave the visitors a rest to win 20-13.

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The second half began in almost the same way, as the Spaniards achieved a 22-meter “turn” for the Portuguese in the first seconds and continued the pressure until they took the lead from a new penalty kick from Bautista Gimez (43).

However, after 50 minutes, Portugal finally managed to put their rival “on the ropes” and reached the second attempt through José Lima (51), in a “Mili” exit as the Portuguese duo emerged in support of Camacho, with Thomas Appleton receiving the ball from the formation before Lima helps.

The Portuguese “captain” shone once again by breaking the opponent's line after the play and making an assist for his now teammate Manuel Cardoso Pinto (58), who put the “Wolves”, for the first time, ahead on the scoreboard.

The third attempt finally broke the Spanish resistance and Hugo Obi (65, 69) put Portugal safe even from a converted attempt (33-23), but the referee still prevented Lucas Martins (66) from a “double” in the third attempt, referring to the winger. The Portuguese is a very contested 'striker' at the moment of interception.

The last Spanish attempt by Bryce Ferrer (89), contrary to what happened in the first half, came against the direction of the match, at a time when Portugal was playing with a numerical disadvantage, and it ended by adding a somewhat misleading touch to the final score (33-30) given the huge Portuguese superiority in the game. Second half.

The match will be held at the Restelo Stadium in Lisbon.

Portugal – Spain 33-30.

First half: 13-20.

Under the refereeing of Frenchman Benoit Rousselet, the formation of the teams was as follows:

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– Portugal: Antonio Machado Santos, Luka Pejic, Abel da Cunha, José Madeira, Martim Bello, David Wallis, Nicolas Martins, Joao Granit, Hugo Camacho, Hugo Aubry, Lucas Martins, Thomas Appleton, José Lima, Pierre Cyres and Manuel Cardoso Pinto. .

Also playing: Andre Arrojado, Pedro Vicente, Diogo Hase Ferreira, Duarte Torgal, Vasco Baptista, Diego Pinheiro Ruiz, Duarte Azevedo and José Paiva dos Santos.

Training (3): Lucas Martinez (37), Jose Lima (51), Manuel Cardoso Pinto (58).

Conversions (3): Hugo Aubri (37, 52, 59).

Penalty kicks (4): Hugo Aubri (11, 18, 65, 69).

Coach: Daniel Hourcade

– Spain: Thierry Fotio, Alvaro Garcia, Lucas Santamaria, Ignacio Pinheiro, Imanol Oraza, Mario Piccardi, Matthew Faulds, Ekin Imaz, Kerman Orrequitxea, Gonzalo Lopez, Martiniano Cian, Alvar Jimeno, Martin Mateo, Alberto Carmona, John Bell.

Also playing: Vicente del Hoyo, Simone Bissonart, Joaquin Dominguez, Alejandro Suarez, Bryce Ferrer, Estanislao Bey, Bautista Gomez and Pau Aira.

Training (3): Martin Mathieu (14), Martiniano Cian (39), Bryce Ferrer (89).

Conversions (3): Gonzalo Lopez (15), Bautista Goemes (40, 90).

Penalty kicks (3): Gonzalo Lopez (04), Bautista Gomez (26, 43).

Coach: Pablo Boza

Disciplinary action: Yellow card for Duarte Torgal (76).

Attendance: about 7,000 spectators.