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Portugal Cup.  Porto defeats Vizella and organizes a meeting with Sporting in the semi-finals

Portugal Cup. Porto defeats Vizella and organizes a meeting with Sporting in the semi-finals

After a first half with alternating periods of dominance and a goal for each side – Uribe for “the Dragon”, in the eighth minute, and Cassiano, for Visella, in the 24th – the team coached by Sergio Conceicao looked faster in the supplementary half. With two fears between them, this superiority was embodied by Fabio Vieira’s penalty kick at 65 and Evanilson at 89.

With the result achieved, FC Porto will meet Sporting in the semi-finals of the “Queen’s Competition”, in the first leg that will take place between 1 and 3 March, to repeat the confrontation between 19 and 21 April, for the second leg.

With the adjustment of “eleven” in six positions, compared to 16 absences, nine of which were due to the Corona virus, Vizela quickly introduced himself to the “flower” of the lawn, trying to surprise the Porto defensive organization, but they found themselves if they were punished with an own goal in the first storming of the Before opponents to his goal.

Uribe’s ‘powerful’ shot at the hangover from a corner kick by Vitor Ferreira as the ball ‘bounced’ around the area contrasted with the somewhat ‘slow’ start of Sérgio Conceição’s pupils, activating the ‘tag’ in favor of the ‘dragons’.

The effect of the goal was “null” during the match, as the team coached by Alvaro Pacheco maintained an offensive momentum capable of disturbing the Whites and the Blues and left Marchesin’s goal in trouble, the only new thing in the Portuguese team Porto “Eleven”, in the face of Rafael Gozo’s shot that removed Standing centimeters in the 19th minute.

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Unable to ‘sweep’ the ball out of the box in that move, Mbemba hesitated again in the move that led to the equaliser, five minutes later: Chetten won the feud with the Congo midfield and removed Cassiano, who, in turn, provided ‘Hat’ Marchesen to score his fourth goal. this season.

Relieved to change the ball, Minho’s personnel retained control of the match until the last quarter of the hour, distinguished by several stops by the offensive growth of the “dragons”, who “shocked” the post in the 38th minute, trying to cut Maviram in a feud with Fabio Cardoso.

The match changed after the break, with the ball “tilting” towards Vizella’s goal, as a result of the Porto team, which was “on the cusp” of the second goal in the 47th minute, accelerating with a shot on the post. Evanelson, in an attempt by Fabio Vieira at 51, next door.

The hosts still had the energy to scare the “dragons”, in a botched adjustment by Rafael Gozo, at “close to goal”, in the 57th minute, before they were originally “betrayed” by Evard Zag. The penalty kick converted by Fabio Vieira, to restore the advantage to FC Porto.

With Alvaro Pacheco’s team forced to take the offensive initiative, Porto took advantage of the space to threaten another goal from Evanelson and Luis Diaz, before the “hosts” team had one last chance, as Marchesin refused to equalize for Igor Julio, in the 79th minute.

One minute into the 1990s, Evanelson sealed the score with a timely header into the “heart” of the area.

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