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Portugal in Pot 1 of Euro 2024: State of Play

Portugal in Pot 1 of Euro 2024: State of Play

Portugal, which was already certain to be in the top seed for the draw for the group stage of Euro 2024, as well as Germany and France, learned on Sunday evening that they would also avoid Spain and Belgium in the first stage of the competition: Spain and Belgium. The Belgians have confirmed first place in their groups and are also part of Pot 1.

The bowl will be officially locked in Pot 1, a vacancy, which was decided on Monday and will almost certainly belong to England. It could be the case for Denmark or Turkey, but for that to happen, England would have to lose in their visit to North Macedonia tonight and either Denmark or Turkey would win and overcome a huge goal difference for the English who have a positive goal difference of 18 for Turkey’s seven positives and six positives. From Denmark.

Pot 1 consists of the home team, plus the top five qualifying group winners (note: since there are groups of five teams and groups of six teams, results against sixth-placed teams do not count in this calculation). Pot 2 will contain the five worst group winners, plus the second best. Pot 3 will contain six more runners-up finishes (from 2nd to 7th best among the 10 groups) and Pot 4 will contain the three worst runners-up finishes, plus the three winners of the playoff scheduled for March 2024.

Thus, in Pot 2 Hungary (as one of the five worst group winners) and Austria (best runner-up) were confirmed. The other four places are still to be determined at the start of Monday, but are effectively occupied by Turkey, Denmark, Albania and Romania (all of whom have already qualified, but whose pool is still to be determined based on the results of the last round). : Mathematically, it is still possible that Turkey could lose top spot to Croatia (yet to be determined), Albania to the Czech Republic (yet to be determined), and Romania to Switzerland.

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As for Pot 3, Scotland and Slovakia are guaranteed to be in the group of runners-up from second to seventh. Of the other four places, the Netherlands and Serbia, already qualified, are almost in this pot: in the case of the Dutch, it is practically impossible for them to fall into Pot 4.

In the fourth bowl, there is still no certainty at the start for Monday. Switzerland, already qualified, are actually in this pot, but could still end up in Pot 2 if they win their group, as mentioned above.

Tonight, three more seats out of four will be decided, between Italy and Ukraine (Group 3), Czechia and Moldova (Group 5), and Slovenia and Kazakhstan (Group 8). The other match is scheduled for Tuesday between Croatia and Wales: See here the calculations for these four groups and the playoff scenario. Therefore, the result of three more groups Tonight, with games scheduled for 7:45 p.m.will help determine the constitution of the pots.

The draw for the European Championship 2024 will take place in Hamburg, Germany, on Saturday, December 2.

Placement in each pot:

Pot 1 Germany Portugal France Spain Belgium England

bowl 2 Hungary Turkey Denmark Albania Romania Austria

Pot 3 Scotland Slovakia Netherlands Serbia

Pot 4 Switzerland Winner Playoff A Winner Playoff B Winner Playoff C

NB: In capital letters, selections are already qualified and in a specific pot. The rest have already qualified, but the pot is still uncertain.