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Portugal is number 2 in the world in terms of talent shortage. 85% of employers are unable to fill vacancies – Executive Summary

Portugal is the second country in the world with the largest talent shortage. 85% of Portuguese employers find it difficult to fill the vacancies they launch in the market.

The data is from the ManpowerGroup 2022 Talent Shortage Survey, which also reveals that 67% of Portuguese employers find it difficult to find suitable candidates and 18% find it very difficult to hire, revealing a talent shortage value of 85%.

This study reveals that for the July-September period, “employers have a net job creation expectation of +37%.” However, he reveals, these expectations could be adjusted due to the talent shortage in 6 years.

“We are witnessing two opposing trends, as employers’ demand for skills is not matched by the supply of talent with the required qualifications. This context has an impact on all sectors of activity, creating greater competitiveness in the search for talent, but also the need for employers to create value propositions in line with The preferences of professionals, who today are experiencing flexible business models, development possibilities or even a greater sense of organizational purpose, beyond reward,” explains Rui Teixeira, Country Director of ManpowerGroup Portugal.

IT and data jobs are most in demand by Portuguese companies, flexibility, adaptability, reliability and self-discipline are the most sought after human skills.

The study also shows that the difficulty of attracting talent in large and medium-sized companies is more pronounced, with 89% and 86% of employers, respectively, revealing difficulties. Greater Lisbon and Centro regions are experiencing greater difficulties in this aspect, with 89% of companies reporting difficulties in hiring.

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