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Portugal loses the advantage and gives Poland a surprise ::

Portugal loses the advantage and gives Poland a surprise ::

First defeat this year for Portugal yet victory In the U-15 Development Championship last March. Upon welcoming Poland, Kuinas took the lead, but were unable to maintain their level in the second 45 minutes, and ended up losing 1-3 to their Central European counterpart.

In a first half that was characterized by balance between the two teams, Portugal was the only team capable of scoring. After numerous warnings left by several Portuguese players, Matilda Vadewitz was able to beat Dominica Lemancic's shot attempt after a move that explored the depth of the Portuguese attack.

Until the end of the first half, the score did not change again, although Carolina Fernandez came very close to this goal, after a beautiful shot that was only able to be blocked by the Polish goal post.

As the second half progressed, and without any significant opportunities appearing, Poland was able to equalize, before the 70th minute. Taking advantage of the confusion inside the Portuguese area and before the removal ceremony, Amelia Jozenda pushed the ball into the goal, starting the growth of the Polish national team from then on.

Unable to break out of the defensive third, Portugal found itself surrounded by external pressure, having struggled to come back soon after. After a good infiltration into the penalty area, Sandra Piotrovska was not afraid when Leonor Serralheiro left the posts and made it 1-2.

Until the end, Portugal tried to respond, but Blanca Zajac dealt the final blow to the national aspirations, after defensive negligence from the disciples of José Paisana.

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