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Portugal reaches the final of the Eurovision Song Contest – Observer

Portugal reaches the final of the Eurovision Song Contest – Observer

Yolanda's song “Scream” was heard and secured a place for Portugal in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. In the first semi-final, held on Tuesday evening, in Malmö, Sweden, nine other countries participated: Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Lithuania, Finland, Cyprus, Croatia, Ireland and Luxembourg.

On the Malmo Arena stage, Iolanda was the penultimate performer. The singer from Figueira da Foz was accompanied by five dancers, dressed in white in an original design by designer Thiago Bessa, and performed by the Portuguese artist “Gritto”, a song she co-wrote with Loar that won the festival in March. da Canção, where she arrived as a clear favourite.

The performance will have pleased the competition's fans, as immediately after the performance, Yolanda's chances of reaching the Eurovision final increased, according to the “Eurovision World” website, which collects the predictions of many bookmakers.

[A atuação de Iolanda na primeira semifinal da Eurovisão:]

It was a quiet ceremony, in contrast to the tense climate that has characterized this edition of Eurovision, largely due to Israel's controversial participation – there was public pressure on the country not to participate in the contest, but the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the regulator did not respond. The event received multiple calls regarding the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, and confirmed the participation of singer Eden Golan, who will take to the stage in the second semi-final scheduled for next Thursday.

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That night, May 9, the finalists of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be determined. These countries are joined by France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, which are part of the so-called “Big Five” and qualify directly for the final, in addition to Sweden, which won last year. In the grand final, on Saturday, May 11, 26 countries will compete.

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Remember the winners' performances on Tuesday and the songs from Germany, Sweden and the UK performed at the ceremony broadcast live on RTP1:

Celia Capsis – “Liar”

Tia Dora – “Ramonda”

Sylvester Belt – “Luktelk”

Bambi Thug – “Blue Doomsday”

Olly Alexander – “Dizzy”

Aliona Aliona and Jerry Hill – “Teresa and Maria”

Baby Lasagna – “Rem Tim Tag Dim”

Isaac – “Always on the Run”

Raven – “Veronica”

Windows95man – “There are no rules!”

Marcus and Martinus – “Don't Forget”

Tali – “Fighter”