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The Voice Portugal, Edmundo Inacio, Diogo Picarra

Portugal Voice. Edmundo Inacio sings Tony Carrera’s song and portrays Diogo Pisara: “Why is that?”

A week after being surprised by the theme of Ágata, Edmundo Inácio again chose an unexpected theme for the “The Voice Portugal” concert.

Edmundo Inácio surprised again on “The Voice Portugal” by singing a theme composed by Tony Carrera in the semi-finals of the RTP1 talent competition. Diogo Piçarra took the opportunity to directly question the choice of the competitor.

The contestant chose one of Tony Carrera’s most successful songs, “Dream Boy”. After the performance, the mentors did not spare any praise for the participant.

Edmundo always brings us these versions always out of the box, congratulations on the arrangement, this was extraordinary as alwaysAurea confirmed.

Diogo BisaraEdmundo, the teacher of Edmundo, wanted to know why he had chosen a theme for the popular singer: “It all starts from Edmundo’s head, and as I said several stages ago, I wanted to get inside this boy’s head (…) but, why is that? Why Tony?

And why not, Diego? This is the reality. Why Tony? At first I thought hardly anyone would get Tony, the first time so far, it was a challenge for me to be able to work on this song, try to break it down, take back the more traditional part, respect all parts of Portuguese music, I do it with great pleasure and why not Tony…Edmundo Inacio replied.

The contestant on The Voice Portugal took the opportunity to leave a message for the Carrera family.

I just wanted to send a kiss home and family and the composer of this song, Tony. I think the family deserves this little honor for the year that has passed“, He said.

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