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Portugal wins first gold in speed skating history

Portugal wins first gold in speed skating history

Diogo Mariros was crowned European speed skating champion in the 10,000m on points to eliminate. This is the first time in the history of the sport that a national athlete has achieved a gold medal in the adult category.

Thus, Portugal entered the best possible way in the European Championship of the way being held in Canelas, Istria. On the first day alone, the national speed skating team won one gold and three silver medals.

For Diogo Mariros, the medal is “a dream come true,” as it highlights the work he and his colleagues – Martin Dias, Miguel Bravo and Manuel Martins – have done this year, he told the Portuguese Ski Federation.

At the junior level, athletes Miguel Monteiro and Marco Lira were awarded two silver medals for the national team.

When Miguel Monteiro realized that he was second in the 5,000m event in points, the player moved: “There were tears in my eyes,” when he confirmed that the medal belonged to him and the whole team.

Skater Marco Lira said 10,000 points to eliminate the race was “very tough” and that his goal “was gold”. “It was the first day, there is still a lot ahead and I will fight for the gold. I am excited for tomorrow and the next few days,” the athlete said.

The third silver was awarded to Antonio Petera and Jessica Rodriguez in the team’s 500m race, in the youth category.

Antonio Petera highlighted the work of his teammate, noting the work they both performed throughout training, “always focusing since the start of the season” to win a medal in the European competition.

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The European Speed ​​Skating Championships started on Monday and will end on July 24 in Canelas, Istria.