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Portuguese companies 'package' innovations in industry – ECO

Portuguese companies 'package' innovations in industry – ECO

The largest exhibition in the logistics and packaging sector returned to Exponor with the participation of more than 70 companies. Discover some of the new features on display at the event that promise to “revolutionize” the industry.

Vertical elevator transports 2,000 products per hour. A robotic arm that can move 13 boxes per minute. A robot capable of moving platforms weighing up to 1,350 kilograms. A machine cuts ten thousand pieces of cardboard or leather in eight hours. A machine that wraps cardboard pallets every two minutes. These are some of Innovative products and systems that He promised to “revolutionize” the packaging, warehousing, maintenance, logistics and transportation sectors. It was presented at the 8th edition of Empack and Logistics & Automation, the largest exhibition in the sector in Portugal.

The event is back together this week At the Exponor site in Matosinhos, more than 70 companies presented about 300 new products. one of Situations The largest presence was the Portuguese company Mind, which took advantage of the exhibition to showcase its latest innovations: A A cutting machine made in Switzerland, which can be used in industries such as textiles, shoes or paper. The machine can cut ten thousand pieces of cardboard or leather in eight hours, and can cost between 100 and 400 thousand euros.

“The machine can cut cardboard, wood, composite materials and flexible materials, such as leather and fabric,” explains Fernando Vasconcelos, Marketing Director at ECO. mind. Among the users of this cut brand are the shoe company Rodiro or Carbon Teamproducer of carbon bicycle frames. In the USA it has clients such as Nike (for sample pieces); Bentley is the most famous in the UK.

Founded 27 years ago, Portuguese Mind develops solutions for Programming and cutting systems created with the aim of accelerating and improving product development processes. It has offices in Santa Maria da Feira and Lisbon and exports about 50% of its solutions, mainly for the American and European markets. It employs 80 people and has a turnover of seven million euros.

From robotic arm to mobile robot

Regular presence in Empack, Logistics & Automation, ELP has introduced two “innovative” products, both of Danish origin and which can cost €150,000. The collaborative robotic arm can move 13 boxes per minute between pallet pick-up and drop-off; While the mobile robot can transport pallets weighing up to 600 kilograms. But he confirms that there are other models that have the ability to transport pallets of up to 1,350 kilograms.

“It is a collaborative technology. It is equipment that can work together with people and have a positive impact, considering that it is not necessary to make major changes to the space the customer already has,” summarizes Felipe Carondo, CEO of EPL. a The automotive industry (Forvia and Visteon) are among the main clients of this robotics solutions company, which is nearly two decades old. with With offices in Lisbon and São João da Madeira, it employs 11 people and has a turnover of four million euros.

Pack pallets into cardboard every two minutes

With 38 years in the market, fitmbalWhich works in the industrial packaging sector, and has been present at this exhibition since the first session. One of the innovations presented at Portugal's largest packaging, logistics and transportation exhibition was a pallet wrapping machine using paper, instead of the traditional stretch film machine. “He is New to the global market. We represent a global leader in end of line packaging. We are the first distributor to own this machine.”Augusto Souza Rosa, managing partner of Fitembal, tells ECO. The machine costs 25 thousand euros and has the capacity to fill a 1.5 meter pallet every two minutes.

The machine that wraps pallets in cardboard consumes 70% more compared to stretchable plastic films. “I can use very little plastic to get a pallet properly secured, whereas with paper we have to use a lot more paper. It is equipment for a niche market, that is, for those with products linked to sustainability, such as the cork, wood or paper sector.“, explains the director.

Fitembal is located in Santa Maria d'Avioso (Maya), employs 38 people, and generates €5.5 million It exports a small portion of production to Europe, Algeria and Morocco. Clients include Super Bock Group (formerly Uncer), Refrige – Sociedade Industrial de Refrigerantes, Água do Luso or Água de Penacova.

Oscar Barranco, Empack Director, Logistics and Automation

Spaniard Oscar Barranco, director of Empack and Logistics & Automation, explains to the ECO This exhibition has always been held in the Porto area, because “that is where the industry is concentrated,” he explains. At the same time, this initiative is also taking place in Madrid and Bilbao (Spain).

Vertical elevator from Holland

This was the first time that the Dutch manufacturer Quimorox participated in an exhibition in Portugal. The group offers solutions such as pallets, product and pallet elevators, packaging machines, etc. The solution they demonstrated at the event held at Exponor was a continuous vertical lift for boxes, with design Patented. It is a solution that it claims can transport two thousand products per hour.

mark Boyx, Main accountant From Quimorox explains, “A modular elevator has the ability to move boxes from one level to another quickly and effortlessly.” Founded in 1995 by Peter Hansen, Quimorax exports more than 60% of its equipment, employs 130 people, and had a turnover of 23 million last year.

Founded in 1991, Guimarães Pinto Brazil Collection It started by devoting itself to the automotive wiring industry, but now offers solutions in the field of in-house logistics, i.e. Everything necessary for the internal movement of materials, whether to the warehouse E-Commerce Or for industry. At the exhibition, the company made a small display of 24V wiring and internal supply equipment for material transportation and production support.

Report on Empack, Logistics and Automation - 18 Apr 24
Cristina Costa, Head of Marketing and Communications at Pinto BrasilFatima Castro/OECD

“Our projects are not small, considering that We have built high-volume automatic warehouses and assembly lines.Cristina Costa, Head of Marketing and Communications at Pinto Brasil, says: It exports 90% of its production mainly to Germany, and employs more than 260 people.

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