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Portuguese Daniela Braga in Biden's Artificial Intelligence squad

Portuguese Daniela Braga in Biden’s Artificial Intelligence squad

There are twelve components that make up the Biden administration’s “work team,” which was created to develop a strategy around artificial intelligence. Among these twelve elements is the Portuguese Daniela Braga, founder of DefinedCrowd, a startup that specializes in collecting, processing and structuring training data for artificial intelligence.

Thus, the Portuguese will be part of the group whose task is to advise the federal government of the United States of America, but also to prepare a guide for the creation of the National Artificial Intelligence Research Center, a platform for sharing research and providing artificial information. Intelligence students and researchers have access to computational tools, data, educational tools, and user support.

task force, According to the statement, will make recommendations for establishing and maintaining this platform. It will also have to send two reports to Congress, with a development guide and implementation plan for this tool. The interim report will be submitted in May 2022 and the final report in November of the same year.

Or the group integrates:

Erwin Jianchandani, NSF (co-chair);

Lynn Parker, OSTP (co-chair);
Daniela Braga, DefinedCrowd;
Mark Dean, retired (formerly IBM and University of Tennessee, Knoxville);
Oren Etzioni, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence;
Julia Lin, New York University;
Phi Phi Lee, Stanford University;
Andrew Moore, Google;
Michael Norman, University of California, San Diego;
Dan Stanzioni, University of Texas at Austin;
Frederick Stritz, DOE;
Elham Tabsi, National Institute for Standardization and Technology