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Portuguese metal breaks export record with US doubling to 208 million

Portuguese metal breaks export record with US doubling to 208 million

National exports of mining and metalworking companies to the United States doubled to 207.6 million euros in the first quarter of this year, which translates into a notable contribution to the 6.5% increase in overseas sales of this sector in the period. Approximately 5.5 billion euros.

From January to March of this year, this growth was most noticeable in exports to the countries of the European Union, which recorded an annual increase of 10.9%, with Spain (7.3% more), France (15.4% more)) and Germany. (18.1%), while there was a decrease of 6.9% outside the European Union.

Related note: “Metal Portugal’s exports reached the best record in history in March 2022, with total exports of 1,983 million euros, surpassing the record set in March of the previous year,” the industry association (AIMMAP) highlights, in a statement . .

“The current economic cycle faced by companies, which is severely affected by the consequences of the epidemic and the war in Ukraine, is very difficult. Therefore, the excellent figures provided by Mittal Portugal companies are remarkable, which indicates their positive performance. And the resolute way in which they operate”, emphasizes Rafael Campos Pereira, Vice President of AIMMAP.

The association leader himself concludes, “Although the past few years have brought many challenges, the growth of our companies is significant.”

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