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Portuguese, Spanish, Italian… Who is the worst at choosing secure passwords?  – Internet

Portuguese, Spanish, Italian… Who is the worst at choosing secure passwords? – Internet

And last year, Password security has improved quite a bit around the worldbut The scope for making passwords to access our digital lives more robust continues to be huge This is more noticeable in some regions, including southern Europe, where Portugal is located.

Hey Password validity score It appears to be on average Password security improved by approximately 2 points in all regions of the worldBut they all still fall into the Needs for Improvement category, with scores between 60 and 90.

region Southern Europe, where Portugal, Spain or Italy are locatedremains one of the worst in this ranking, with an average score of 73.5, allowing it to only reach 10th place out of 14.

Worse than Southern Europe, in this ranking, is the region that includes The United States and Canada (North America), which comes in last placeBehind regions such as South Asia, where the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia are located; The Middle East, Central Asia (Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, etc.) and North and West Africa (Morocco, Guinea-Bissau, Angola).

a The region that includes Portugal also features negatively in the study, because of this Half of the selected passwords By users for reuse. It was also found that 14% of these passwords are vulnerable to being hacked.

You The most concerned about the security of their passwords are users from countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, and Ukraine (Eastern Europe), Estonia, Finland, Norway (Northern Europe) and Western Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland).

In the opposite reality, there is a region North America, which is the most targeted by hacked passwords (17%). On the other hand, the penultimate region in the ranking of secure access passwords, North and West Africa, is the region with the lowest number of passwords at risk (9%).

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Password Security – Dashlane

Credits: Dashlane

” data-title=”Password Security – Dashlane – Portuguese, Spanish, Italian…Who is the worst at choosing secure passwords? -Sapo Tech”>

Credits: Dashlane

The data is from Dashlanspecializes in password and digital identity management, from here The annual report collects anonymous and aggregated datamade by the company’s algorithm, to reflect the cybersecurity habits of over 19 million users and 22,000 client organizations.

The company’s analysis also shows that The average user has 227 accounts that require a password This is also on average Password reuse rate is over 44% in all regions. On the positive side, in the past year the use of weak, reused, and compromised passwords seems to have decreased.