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Positivo launches a smart lock that stores up to 99 passwords |  connected homes

Positivo launches a smart lock that stores up to 99 passwords | connected homes

On Tuesday (4), Positivo announced the launch of a smart lock that can store up to 99 passwords. The Smart Lock Wi-Fi Embedded can be unlocked in five different ways: by entering a password, cards, biometrics, using a mechanical key, or even through the brand’s official and free app. Perfect for connected homes, the lock can be integrated with other Positivo smart products, such as smart light bulbs, for example. The product is now available for sale on the manufacturer’s website for R$1,299 and For R$1,099 on Amazon.

In addition to space for 99 passwords, the Positivo smart lock can also store up to 99 fingerprints in its memory. Hence, the company also recommends the product to small and medium businesses.

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The Smart Recessed Wi-Fi Lock can work integrated with other smart products – Image: Divulgation / Positivo

Like the device, a home or office owner can even record temporary biometrics, which only work during a certain time, such as during business hours, for example. Likewise, it is possible to grant access to a friend or employee from afar, at a distance, using the mobile application.

The official release also indicated that Smart Fechadura can work seamlessly with other Positivo Casa Inteligente devices, allowing the user to create automated scenarios that can turn on lights or the TV at the same time, for example. All of this is also configured via the official app.

The Smart Recessed Wi-Fi Lock is only available in matte black and, according to the manufacturer, is compatible with any wood door. For connections, the product has 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

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The device runs on four AA batteries and has a USB port that can power the device in case of an emergency or battery failure. The manufacturer promises that the lock has an autonomy of seven days, with up to 20 uses per day, thanks to its standby feature when not in use.

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