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Possible opponent for Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble

Possible opponent for Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble

After, after Bloodline win a WarGames match In the Survivor Series this SaturdayNow comes new information about Roman Reigns’ future plans.

In the latter part of the match, Kevin Owens almost won after a Powerbomb pop-up In “Chief of the Tribe,” however Sami Zayn Prevent the referee from counting.

Sami Zayn proved his loyalty to the Roman vows through the application of a low blow on your old partner, followed by a Helluva kick🇧🇷 then, use g Application a splash It’s Kevin Owens who gave the victory strain🇧🇷

According to Angel Aramboles of WrestlingNews, the current plans are indisputably for WWE World Champion Roman Reigns takes on Kevin Owens Royal Rumble next yearon January 28.

Moreover, it was reported that the initial plans were to Seamus The next opponent is the “Clan Chief”, which was visible in Offers that led to Survivor Series, but the creative team changed their minds.

So it is expected that Kevin Owens will remain involved in the storyline with Bloodline, trying to destabilize the group through his relationship with Sami Zayn.

Would you like Kevin Owens to be Roman Reigns’ next opponent?

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