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Possible reasons for changing the name of Austen's theory

Possible reasons for changing the name of Austen’s theory

during the This Monday roughAustin’s theory appeared in the officers’ office WWE explained that mr. McMahon decided that from now on It should only be called theorythus losing the first name, something we’re already used to seeing happen stars from WWE.

according to Dave Meltzer In the wrestling Observer Radio, this name change may have occurred due to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, as the journalist explained that Vince McMahon did not like the idea of ​​the young wrestler sharing the name of the WWE legend, and thus ended up losing his first name.

However, the “Texas Rattlesnake” story ended and it can be speculated that since the young wrestler is called Austin White in real life, WWE preferred to give up the name “Austin” from his character, so that the name he uses on the shows is as different as possible from his real name.

Similar case Happened to Raquel Gonzalez In the Smackdown last Fridayas she was introduced with the nickname / nickname Rodriguez, thus moving away from her real surname.

What do you think about changing this name from Austin theory?

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