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Possible Russian missiles on the Finnish border:

Possible Russian missiles on the Finnish border:

According to, videos posted on social media show what may be a column of military vehicles carrying missiles towards Vyborg near the border with Finland. Moscow authorities denied this.

Located in the direction of Finland

In fact, he writes that they could not verify when the video was recorded, but they located it to be recorded along the E18 motorway. Vehicles are traveling in the direction of Finland and are approximately 127 kilometers south of the Finnish border.

This is the video, this is it not Independently Verified:

The Finnish Armed Forces did not respond to NTB inquiries about the issue.

Telegram states that the missiles will be deployed in response to Finland’s NATO request. In this case, it is not surprising, Lt. Col. Geir Hagen Carlsen, Director of the Staff School, tells NTB.

It’s one of several ways Russia will react. We can expect a range of reactions, says Carlsen.

Signs of dissatisfaction

It lists possible Russian reactions: political rhetoric collapse, actions in social media and influence operations, cyberattacks, violation of airspace and territorial waters, and specifically demonstrations of military power.

– Now they do not have so many troops left as they have space to place them along the Finnish border or in Kaliningrad. Carlsen says Iskandar’s spread is a predictable way of signaling dissatisfaction.

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Iskander systems have a range of 500 km and more. It can be equipped with nuclear warheads and conventional weapons.

It is undoubtedly a show of strength and a display of dissatisfaction, says Carlsen.

Norway follows suit

No matter what Russia chooses to interact with or threaten to do, it will have no influence on Finnish politics. On the contrary, it will only confirm that the NATO order was the right choice, says Carlsen.

He says it is Russia’s aggressive behavior over many years that has brought Finland and Sweden closer to NATO. The war in Ukraine finally became the spark.

The Norwegian Armed Forces have been on standby to control the situation in our immediate areas since this started building in November and December. The first line, says Carlsen, is to keep track of what’s happening in our immediate areas.