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Posted a video of Paulo Rangel drunk.  MEP Talks About Violation of Privacy - National

Posted a video of Paulo Rangel drunk. MEP Talks About Violation of Privacy – National

The video began circulating on Monday, July 19, and quickly put the name of MEP Paulo Rangel in the trends of the most talked about topics on Twitter. It was not known who filmed it, but the photos showed a drunken figure walking the streets of Brussels, Belgium towards the house.

After the sharing, which was initially made by anonymous accounts, a mass sharing followed, which led to a wave of condemnation from many users of the social network.

Political commentator Daniel Oliveira, for example, was one of those who openly criticized the video release. “The video with Paulo Rangel achieves two things: to identify each person with the MEP who is having a moment of fun without disturbing anyone; and to prove the existence of moral fraudsters in all political spheres (I indicate who is filming and posts)”, reads in the message you wrote on your account. Twitter.

Fabian Figueiredo, a member of the political committee of the left-wing bloc, considered that the video release was “a disrespectful act that deserves nothing but strong condemnation”. “No one can be photographed without your permission. Practically everything separates me from MEP, [mas] Spending nights when it takes longer to walk home isn’t. hypocrisy falls” Wrote. MEP Nuno Melo also defended Paulo Rangel, arguing that the release of the video “shows the worst of politics and human nature”.

“He did not drive, he did not kill anyone, he walked on foot, in the sphere of private life. He is cowardly attacked by those who hide their hands without virtue, as the cowardice of the act shows”, but se. Luis Aguiar Conraria, economist, newspaper columnist “expression” And a professor at the University of Minho only reinforced the way a large part of the social network came together to condemn the publication of the video in which Paulo Rangel appeared.

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“I didn’t react at first because I didn’t want to contribute to give a vision of what shouldn’t be. But it does exist. But it’s good to see that, sometimes, Twitter manages to be incredibly rational,” Wrote.

Paulo Rangel’s reaction and condemnation of the violation of private life

MEP Paulo Rangel will react on Monday night, approximately 23 hours. In a post shared on its official platforms, MEP began by framing the moment that occurred several years ago in Brussels, after a dinner with friends.

“A video after having dinner with friends went viral, years ago in Brussels. I don’t know who filmed it, kept it and just released it now. I’m sorry about that, violating the boundaries of private life.”, he is writing.

At the end of the letter, Paulo Rangel quotes Sergio Godinho’s “Lisboa que Amanhece” to refer to a life in which “we all have glories, horrors and adventures.”