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Powell talks about falling inflation and Wall Street flares. Nasdaq jumps 2% – Stock Exchange

Wall Street ended the day with strong gains, as the market estimated an increase of just 25 basis points by the US Federal Reserve, the lowest since the start of the rate hike cycle. The weight of the negotiations is a message from Powell, who said that “for the first time” it is possible to see some progress in reducing inflation.

Although it was pointed out that prospects for a slower decline in prices differed from the market’s “expectations”, which expect a rapid decline in inflation, the market seemed to have taken a positive sentiment from Powell’s words.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 1.05 percent to 4,119.21 points. For its part, the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 0.02%, to 34,092.96 points, and the Nasdaq Technology Composite Index rose by 2%, to 11,816.32 points. The term used – ‘continuous increments’ – means that they are [a Fed] You have at least two climbs [das taxas de juro] In mind, with Chairman Jerome Powell talking about the possibility of “a little more” rate hikes before monetary policy becomes sufficiently restrictive,” ING analysts note, analyzing Powell’s speech.

analyst Charlie Ripley, of Allianz Investment Management, added in a note seen by Bloomberg.

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