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Power outages all over the world. Server failure causes hundreds of websites to crash

Several digital sites and services around the world failed on Tuesday. An issue that affects platforms like Google, Gmail and Twitter, but also media and banking websites.

Pages of publications such as CNN, The New York Times, or BBC were offline or had access issues. But there have also been difficulties with services like PayPal, Spotify, YouTube, or social networks like Reddit and Twitter.

to the podium Downdetector, specializes in Internet service failures, error detection and instability on hundreds of sites, including pages United States, Vodafone from the Middle East.

But he also points out the difficulties in .’s websites BCP, CGD, Montebio e Santander, among other services.

It’s a matter of “Server Failed Worldwide”According to the Spanish newspaper the world which was also affected by the problems.

The publication states that “I failed quicklyContent Distribution Network.

Most websites need services from companies like Fastly, which host “large portions of the internet in Warehouses full of servers that respond to constant requests from users” the world.

But when these requests exceed the capacity of the servers, they interrupt the content distribution service.

a BBC advance that The problem was already quickly resolved That will only affect “select places” across Europe and the United States.

The British channel confirms that Amazon Web Services, another computer company in Cloud, presented “similar problems” in the past.

This type of episode highlightsImportance and importance of these large accommodation companies and what they represent,” he points out BBC Cyber ​​security expert Jake Moore.

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