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Praise after a mass shooting in an exotic nightclub in the USA - VG

Praise after a mass shooting in an exotic nightclub in the USA – VG

Rescue man: Rich Fierro was one of two people who were able to put the perpetrator to the ground.

A war veteran may have saved many lives, and is being lauded for his efforts when a perpetrator opened fire at a bizarre Colorado nightclub over the weekend.


Rich Fierro is one of two who helped stop the man in his twenties Five killed and 18 injured in LGBTIQ club In Colorado Springs on Saturday evening US time. The man’s wife says he has been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

The town’s mayor, John Southers, said two heroes saved many lives in the club when they were able to stop the perpetrator. Another hero was Thomas James, a writer hv news.

– Fierro said during a press conference on Tuesday night NST, that there were five people I couldn’t help, and one of them was a relative.

Five people were killed and 18 injured at an LGBTIQ club in Colorado Springs over the weekend.

– I’m not a hero

Fierro’s wife, Jess Fierro, wrote Monday that her husband is a decorated war veteran. She also wrote that he ran towards the offender, knocked him to the ground, grabbed his gun and hit him with it. Then Fierro and James catch him.

– Rich was actually able to take a gun from the suspect’s waist, use it to beat and disable him, says Mayor John Southers.

Fierro himself writes that he does not want the status of a hero.

– I’m not a hero, I’m just an ordinary guy, says Fierro.

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– I wish I could have saved everyone there. I wish I could do more.

According to Reuters, Fierro said there were many others who deserved tribute, including a man who reportedly danced with his daughter and pulled her to safety when the shooting began.

Another example Fierro refers to is an artist, who allegedly kicked the offender with his high-heeled shoe, while Fierro held him.

birthday celebration

to me Washington Post Fierro was at the club celebrating a friend’s birthday and watching a drag show where his daughter’s boyfriend was performing.

Fierro’s wife speaks Reuters that the shooting rekindled her husband’s PTSD.

Fierro served 14 years in the US Army. He was sent to Iraq three times and once to Afghanistan.

The 22-year-old man who opened fire is charged with murder and a hate crime. The man was taken to the hospital, but he was not seriously injured. The police seized two weapons.

The shooting took place in Colorado Springs, Colorado: