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Predictions for each sign from December 11 to 15, 2023 – Metro World News Brazil

Predictions for each sign from December 11 to 15, 2023 – Metro World News Brazil

Another week has arrived and the surprises may carry over to December 2023! Here you can see Your weekly horoscopeWith expectations for everyone Zodiac signs.

Find out everything that could happen from December 1 to 15, 2023:


It’s time to resolve legal or business situations in your favor. This is the time to make decisions and give yourself completely to your personal life. Accept the challenges that come your way and overcome them.

And remember that spiritual strength during this month helps you a lot because you are a ram, and this means that you will always be a winner.

Love will come to you stronger than ever, and you will feel complete in every way. They invite you to something and you will win; Enjoy.


Learn to be more careful with your investments. This is a good time to finalize projects and start new challenges for January.

Pay attention to vision or hearing problems, especially infections. Don’t complicate your life by trying to help everyone, and remember that everyone is responsible for their actions and must face them.

Do not carry negative energies that are not yours, and stay away from bad vibrations. Love in Virgo or Aquarius is waiting for your return. You receive an invitation to an event from very important people.


Do not hesitate to make the changes you have planned in your life. This is the right time to have many positive thoughts. Try to leave them in your mind so you can progress.

Avoid being too fickle and remember that love will always be there in your life, but finding it will happen at the right time and place. Stay away from those things that only show interest.

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The chance to get an invitation to a better position and salary. This is a good time to complete contracts and start a new business challenge that will greatly help you become better financially.

Take care of respiratory problems and try to see a doctor. You are moving house and looking for a better place to live. Do not look any further for that love that does not value you, and remember that your zodiac sign is very good, and even more so with your partners.

You will get recognition from your company, which will help you get more motivation to keep going.


Protect yourself from envy in the coming days and avoid trusting anyone. It will be a week of unlimited brilliance.

This is a time when work is very late, you have to do everything, so try to control your personality and face all the problems that come your way.

Pay attention to respiratory problems, and try to take care of your diet and health so that you do not feel sick.

Find peace in your life and it will come very soon. An invitation will arrive and happiness will take over.


You have to be strong and face your life decisions. Remember that your sign depends on a lot of help and luck when making a wish come true.

This is a time to have a lot of family commitments and last-minute shopping for Christmas gifts. You prepare an annual report for your bosses and you get a bonus or they pay you the money they owe you.

A love from the past will seek you back; Try to be clear in your love affairs.


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Take care of your investments because envy and the evil eye are close to you. Luck is on the rise.

Make decisions in love and end love triangles. Remember, your sign doesn’t like to be alone and that’s why you need to take your love life seriously.

Take care of stomach or intestinal problems. They are looking for you in another company to offer you a job, but try to carefully analyze the opportunities that arise and make the best choice.

You are very social and this helps you to always be surrounded by many friends.


You receive an invitation to a work project in which you will develop your potential. Remember, falling down shapes your professional success. You are going through a very lucky period in your work and personal life.

For those who are married, Aries comes into family life and will be a very happy moment. A pet will bring you happiness.

Pay attention to back and neck pain because it is your weak point, you must be careful. Inviting and fun.


Thanks to your charm, success is always on your side. You are a person with a lot of wisdom, who enjoys solitude and the search for truth. You are in a period of contemplation and determining your own path.

On your birthday, you will have a lot of surprises, and it will be a very happy day. Beware of betrayals and try to be stable in your life. You will make the payments and get a benefit for your money. Stop thinking that others want to hurt you.


Pay attention to headaches and tension problems, and try to do some kind of relaxation and meditation so that your mind is not exposed to pressure. You will receive a financial reward.

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Apply for university studies to finish your degree. You will continue to maintain a great relationship with your partner, while single Capricorns can attract loving energies with more confidence and self-care.

Friday will be a very special day, and you will have the opportunity to achieve a great goal in your work.


You are the pillar of your home, you should always take care of your family and help them with everything they need. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If your friends don’t accept you, try to find other, more loyal friends.

You process your immigration clearance and receive an invitation to go to the Christmas Inn.

You are in a period of renewal and hope, so an important change will occur in your life. You will receive a gift that you did not expect and that will make you very happy.


You will have a lot of work and will be very responsible and always want to make your efforts stand out. The invitation has been received, and it will be a very special occasion.

You should accept the new job offer because it will be great for you. These are the times to renew yourself, leave drama and pessimism behind and be one of the shining signs.

You will feel better because you will finally find the emotional stability you have been longing for, just try not to talk too much about your personal life with anyone, a lot of envy follows you and this can affect your romantic relationship.