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Predictions for each zodiac sign from April 25 to 29, 2022 - Metro World News Brasil

Predictions for each zodiac sign from April 25 to 29, 2022 – Metro World News Brasil

Another week has arrived and surprises can roll in in the last days of April 2022! Here you can check out Your weekly horoscopewith expectations for everyone zodiac signs.

Check out everything that could happen from April 25-29, 2022:


It will take a few days to take care of your thoughts and not fall into negative situations. Remember that in order to better control your energies, you need to be calm and keep away from envy.

Your best day will be Thursday and it will be a day full of good news regarding work and family environment. Your lucky numbers are 9 and 31. Your color is yellow. A Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn lover will be looking for you and will be very compatible with you.

You can fix cases of documentation and finish the study. These are times of maturity in every way, including intellectual and financial life.


A positive change is happening in your love life. Love from Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio will enter your life and you have to let yourself be loved. It’s time to be happy.

On your birthday, remember to celebrate and be with those you love. You are traveling for work. A pet will give you a lot of joy. Good luck comes with the numbers 4 and 39. Your best day will be Tuesday and the color of abundance will be orange.

Do not doubt for a moment that you can become a winner. Avoid financial problems and prevent fraud. I notice.


It will be a week full of positive signings, contracts and career changes. Just be conservative with your successes so as not to attract envy. You take an exam or test.

Your numbers are 1 and 29. Your best day will be Thursday and your bloom color is blue, you have to dress it up more often. These are great days to change the look and renew yourself in every situation.

Do not be discouraged and follow a balanced diet to get more energy; Move. flight can occur. Be careful when borrowing money, sometimes it is better to refuse.


The last week of April will be one of the victories. Enjoy everything you do and see how you can get what you want. Beware of envy, especially from close friends, at this point it is better not to trust anyone.

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Don’t look for that love that has walked away from you, it’s time to close circles and start meeting more compatible people. There will be days of stress at work and with problems that have to be calmly resolved.

Take care of the food. You will have solutions to your problems soon. Your best day will be Tuesday, your lucky number is 4 and 55. Your color is orange and blue. Pregnancy can be detected.


In the last week of April, you will be making important decisions in your work environment, so consider all possibilities for a better job. You will be traveling soon.

Try not to talk too much about your plans so as not to attract envy. Fix the car and get ready to study. In love, you decide to be in a relationship and meet people of the sign of Sagittarius or Cancer who will be very compatible with you.

On Thursday you will be lucky with numbers 7 and 16. Try to pay off your debts. Remember that while important decisions such as getting married or moving may scare you, you should trust that good luck is on your side.

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The moment when luck smiles at you in whatever you want to do. It will be a very stressful week at work and meetings; You must remain calm in the worst moments and emerge victorious from every adversity.

On Wednesday, you will be lucky with the numbers 3 and 29. These will be days of clarity and confidence in everything that you do in your personal life. Love asks for forgiveness. Remember that these are times to remove grudges from your heart.

You need to have security and confidence in yourself so that you can achieve what you most desire, as well as asking spirituality for help and understanding intuition. Remember to be more conservative in order to succeed and don’t let envy get in your way.


a movement. The desire to stand out among others is great and asks you to take charge of your life to be a better person; Energy is powerful and if you know how to use it to your advantage, it will grow, especially on a professional level.

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achieve what you want. In the last week of April, you focus on work projects. Take care of kidney problems. Don’t think about the unreal and live in the present.

Your horoscope is always ahead of what others say, especially in love; Do not rush. You earn extra money. Your lucky numbers are 08 and 66.

Singles continue to be adventurous and make conquests, but they won’t have any firm commitments for now. You are planning to buy something important and everything is fine.


An instant burst of ideas and action projects. Measure your words and negotiate so you don’t get hurt. You will have a revelation in your life and you will find success.

You should not be influenced by people who just want to take advantage of your talent. Pay attention to the coincidences that happen in your life to guide you where to go.

It’s time to get what you want most. It’s time to resume your studies or start a course. Don’t look for too much love at the same time and organize your feelings to determine what you really want in love.

You get extra money. Your lucky numbers are 13 and 40. Your best day will be Tuesday. Use more green.


A moment of adventures in your personal life. You will have no limits to achieve your goals, it is time to advance in all your projects; Fear not, you will make the best decision this week.

Freedom or travel step. You are on the right path in love. Couples take important steps or they can formalize their relationship. Singles find the love of an Aquarius or an Aries man who would be very compatible.

Beware of treason at work and do not meddle in other people’s problems. You pay the monthly fee. Your lucky numbers are 02 and 14, use yellow to attract wealth. Take care of your health and food this week to feel better; His weakness is the stomach.


You will be able to make positive changes in your life and get out of any problem. You will be traveling for business reasons.

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You are very charismatic and kind to people, but this attracts envy, so you need to protect yourself and know who you put your conscience on. You get extra money for late payments.

Your ex is looking for you and is seeking a formal relationship, it is better to clarify. You buy clothes for a meeting or business appointment. Don’t worry about what they think of you anymore.

You will be lucky with the numbers 07 and 23. Your best day will be Tuesday. Your lucky colors are white and red.


This is a growth stage. So don’t doubt your ability to succeed and apply what you know to succeed.

Your thoughts reflect your actions, so let go of all negativity and face yourself with truth and positivity. You will avoid problems in your personal life.

your plans for you; Learn to be conservative in everything you do. A week of confused feelings and thinking about past love, keep in mind that the best decisions are made calmly.

Avoid getting upset with your work, if you are not appreciated find something better. A good time to flirt. Your best day will be Monday and your lucky numbers are 12 and 39. Your color is yellow.


Start avoiding bad friends who give you bad advice or are jealous. It’s time to grow up and stay away from toxic people.

Avoid being overwhelmed by difficult situations and be patient to work things out in your favor. You will have all the items to troubleshoot. This week you will have a lot of work or your studies are on hold; Update yourself.

You earn extra money. Don’t doubt your current partner anymore and let yourself be loved. A stable partner can arrive. Your lucky numbers are 09 and 78.

A love from Cancer or Scorpio will enter your life. You will have a better day on Wednesday and your colors will be blue and red.

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