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Predictions for each zodiac sign from May 13 to 15, 2022 - Metro World News Brasil

Predictions for each zodiac sign from May 13 to 15, 2022 – Metro World News Brasil

Another weekend has arrived and in your horoscope there are important surprises in store for all the signs of the zodiac.

Check out the predictions of each zodiac sign for April 13-15, 2022:


Good luck in whatever you will do. Overtime can come and be profitable. You decide to keep exercising and you should be healthy in your diet.

During May 13th, the stars will align in your favour, giving you more abundance. Answers arrive. The trip takes place until the end of the month.

Stop looking for reasons not to fall in love and let yourself be loved; Life will fill you with more surprises. You’ll be lucky with numbers 13 and 40.

Remember that it is good to save, but avoid being only wanting and never achieving what you want. novelty at home. Do not forget to take care of your teeth, because they are your weak point.


You will have a weekend that will transform you and make decisions that will change your life for the better. Remember that your horoscope works well for liberation and a positive cleansing process.

On the thirteenth of May, you will be lucky in everything related to work and new projects; You just need to save and get more security. You receive an invitation to travel.

Additional money will come. Your sign is very stubborn and sometimes things just can’t go your way. Your lucky numbers are 07 and 23.

In love, you have to respect time and be more understanding, because each person has to make his life projects. Couples need to accept the fact that they don’t have each other to fully experience their love affair.


You will face many complex situations in your personal life. You need to organize everything around you and solve problems to avoid avoiding them.

Remember that your mark will always come out on top and it’s just a matter of deciding whether to succeed. Past love, from Aquarius or Aries, can make a proposal.

An invitation will be received or the door will be opened. You get extra money that you weren’t expecting and it will help you pay off debts.

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Be careful with kidney problems and take extra care of your health. During this May 13th remember; It is in the giving that you receive. Your lucky numbers are 05 and 44. Don’t fall in love with blackmail love the past and move on with your life.


During the weekend you will have a lot of work. Remember that your horoscope is always trying to get along with your superiors, but you need to take it easy to solve everything you need.

You will go through a few days of positive changes in your love life, and eventually you will have that special someone. Try not to be too intense in the relationship and give the other space; take it easy.

On the 13th of May, you will have a spiritual declaration of your life and you should be aware of the signs. White helps open paths. Take care of dental problems. Remember that it is your weak point.

Your lucky numbers are 01 and 29. Maintain your exercise and diet for energy. Also, use orange and red to attract luck into your life.


You will completely change your life climate and get rid of past situations, such as toxic love and betrayal of friends; Do your job for her. On May 13, take care of spirituality and intuition.

You take a trip for business reasons and close a project. Take care of intestinal or kidney problems. Be kind and helpful to attract sincere connections.

In love, you will remain very stable with your partner. Your lucky numbers are 06 and 17. Try to pay off debts and organize your expenses. Someone will ask for advice; Try to help him, such actions will always be rewarded.

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Luck will brighten your life this weekend and you will have good news at work. During May 13, try to walk and fill yourself with positive energy.

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You have to be more conservative in your projects until they are met. You go on a trip for a family affair. Take care of stomach problems, moderate fatty foods and alcohol.

In love, do not go on with that person who is only playing with you and facing the situation. You will see that when one door closes another opens.

Love from Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces will enter your life. Someone with a Gemini sign is looking for you for a personal situation and it might be a thing of the past. Its magic numbers are 03 and 15. Use white more to attract abundance.


Days of good mood for projects and a chance for success. Friday will be filled with good energies.

Share the kindness. You change and start new studies or interests. It’s time to carefully resolve legal issues to succeed.

Your lucky numbers are 12 and 38. It is a weekend full of many pleasant surprises and love, which can be Aquarius or Gemini, is looking for you again.

Try not to forget about your growth and studies; Remember that those who know the most deserve the most. be patient.


Weekend to be thoughtful about your career matters. Just remember that your sign always puts a lot of effort into everything they do, so you’ll get appreciated.

A trip will be made. Couples are taking important steps and may decide to live together. Take care of debts and try to pay off everything on time.

On Friday, take a walk in the afternoon and connect more with what you believe in. Moving home and pets. A job or business opportunity may appear.


days to completely reinvent yourself. Remember that your lucky number is 13 and in those days what you need most often will come; Bright colors help attract abundance around you. You decide to study or focus on what matters; keep it up .

call up. You don’t fight too much with your partner anymore, because your sign loves to argue and you have to change that in your life.

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Send your car to fix something. The surgery went well. Love wants back. Your lucky numbers are 9 and 16 and your color is blue.


Weekend not to confuse the opportunities that life gives professionally. A job change will come to you.

This Friday you will receive an abundance of positive energy. Remember not to talk about your plans so as not to attract envy. You earn extra money from selling.

Someone from Aries, Leo or Sagittarius is looking for you again in love. Friends are attracted. The time for changes in appearance and interior.

Leave the past. Luck will come with the numbers 7 and 66. In love, try not to induce fantasies or make promises that you will not keep.


Days filled with new loving emotions and a lot of enthusiasm for whatever you’re going through. Take care of feelings.

You get money you didn’t expect and you have to save. You have nothing fixed. Beware of gossip at work and try not to get involved. Avoid love triangles.

On Friday, drink plenty of water and don’t eat heavy foods so that your energy is rejuvenated, you should also wear light colors to attract good energies.

It’s time to control the explosive character and keep calm so as not to fall into provocations. Strengthen your goals and be confident.


Weekend with good energies around you. Enjoy the energy that puts your body and mind at ease.

You get extra money. On Friday, energies are reorganized for your benefit and your problems are left behind. Take care of your health more.

White attracts abundance for a longer time. Charisma is increasing. In love, you will continue to be very passionate about the relationship. Singles will have a new partner. You will be lucky with numbers 27 and 60.

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