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Pregnancy: – Ultrasound detection of shock

When Eve Lincoln (36 years old) from New York in the United States first found out that she had a small cyst on her right ovary, she wasn’t particularly worried.

– Ultrasound showed a nine-centimeter cyst, the 36-year-old tells Kennedy News & Media.

She was expecting her third child, and had an ultrasound scan at the seventh week.

– He looks like a child

Hawa says that doctors advised her not to remove the cyst during pregnancy, as it could endanger the baby.

At this time, she had no complaints or symptoms.

In the next few weeks, most things were set to change.

UNKNOWN: Here's mum-of-two Eve Lincoln with her family at Christmas, before she receives the dramatic letter.  Photo: Kennedy News

UNKNOWN: Here’s mum-of-two Eve Lincoln with her family at Christmas, before she receives the dramatic letter. Photo: Kennedy News
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As the hormones around the pregnant woman’s body raced around, the ovarian cyst grew larger and larger. The stomach has also grown larger than usual.

– It grew so big that it looked like I had another baby there. I noticed that my stomach seemed bigger and rounder than it should have been. Now, in retrospect, it makes sense, you say.

He collapsed in pain

As time passed, Eve became more and more anxious. The cluster has grown from nine to 13 cm.

– But they said they don’t recommend surgery. The plan was to go into labor six weeks after I had the baby.

Eve was told to report if she felt too much pain. She herself did not think that this would happen, but suddenly one day something happened:

– I have a cramp in my side. It remained as if I had been stabbed with something. I waited 24 hours, called the doctor and he told me to come in for another ultrasound.

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That night she collapsed:

– I collapsed and could not walk. Every little movement was like a sharp, stabbing pain. So we went to the hospital.

– horrifying

Once at Montefiore St Luke’s Cornwall Hospital in Newburgh, doctors ran a series of tests, fearing the mass might be malignant.

Eve was now 23 weeks. An ultrasound scan showed that the cyst had grown a full five centimeters in a week. Now it measures 17 cm.

– It was so scary.

However, it turned out that the cyst was filled with blood and fluid, so Eve was taken to a gynecologist.

The expectant mother was taken to the operating room, where surgeons were ready to remove the huge lump in a risky operation.

Since she was only 24 weeks old, a number of experts in premature babies were on hand, just in case the baby should be delivered.

Double the size

On Monday, January 9 of this year, doctors went to work to remove the foreign “invader.” To reduce the risk, Eve had to spend the full two hours in the procedure awake, with spinal anesthesia.

– They explained to me what kind of danger the operation entailed for my unborn child. She says it was terrifying.

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Fortunately for her and her unborn child, the surgery went well and the cyst was removed without disrupting the pregnancy.

They told me she weighs 1.8 kilos. At this time, the baby’s weight was barely 1 kilogram. It was 2.5 times the size of a baby!

Warn other women

Now she is waiting for test results to confirm once and for all that the cyst is not malignant.

When this interview was conducted, the 36-year-old was 26 weeks pregnant.

She shared the shocking photos of the huge cyst to warn other women of the dangers.

If you have an ovarian cyst, it must be removed before pregnancy. If you do have a cyst and become pregnant, there’s a good chance it could grow exponentially as a result of hormones, she says, adding:

You could end up having surgery in a hurry, like I had to.

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