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"Pregnant" Men and the Logic of the Humanities Applied to Animals - Prisma

“Pregnant” Men and the Logic of the Humanities Applied to Animals – Prisma

Although this column seems imagination more realistic, let us try to understand – although it is becoming increasingly difficult – what is part of the real world and what is not.

What is real, even though it seems fantasy

Indeed, during anamnesis (interview to identify patients and make diagnoses), health professionals from hospitals in the UK began asking men if there was a possibility that they were ‘pregnant’.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, no longer hospitals in the British National Public Health Service (Service Health) registered patients by sex. You can not fill tokens classifications “male” and “female”, however, where there are more than seventy sexual choice – are confused with sex – you must use the word “individual” only.

For men, at your next appointment, be sure to write down your menstrual cycles, as this is useful information for your doctor. And women, be open to talking about your erectile dysfunction. We know it’s embarrassing, but it’s all for science, right?

Now, as the reality is more crazier than fiction – which makes my job more and more impossible – to Let’s move the fantasy …

What is fiction even though it seems a real

Just as the British doctors must pretend that they do not know whether they are facing a man or a woman, veterinarians must also follow the same logic. In addition to the question of whether it was possible to be an animal that looked like a dog is actually a cat or a cow or a goat, they will also be able to ask whether it is male or female.

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Feeding certain animals from the manufacturers is also prohibited on the package photos. In the name of inclusion, labels must contain images of all animal species and not a single species preference. After all, they all belong to the animal kingdom and can “recognize” in different ways.

Even if the dog does not like the dog food they offer, try giving him or alfalfa bales of straw bag. Maybe you feel like a horse and you, being a donkey, I do not know how to respect his choices. Live science!