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pregnant?  Vanessa Martins breaks her silence and leaves a "message"

pregnant? Vanessa Martins breaks her silence and leaves a “message”

Vanessa Martins made the news last week after commentators Filipa Filipa Torrinha Nunes and Mónica Sintra, of SIC’s ‘Alô Portugal’, revealed they think the businesswoman is expecting her first child, after she appeared in a bodycon dress that emphasized a belly.

Via social media, Vanessa Martins broke silence on the case and ended up leaving a message to those who sparked the rumours, reminding her that she has a condition that prevents her from becoming pregnant.

“In the past I have shared with everyone my infertility due to my disease, endometriosis. I have always had unsuccessful attempts at very strong physical and psychological treatments”I started with an explanation.

“Have you ever thought how impolite a subject can be? How to weaken a woman who cannot conceive? To discourage? To destroy? When will a woman’s pregnancy cease to be someone else’s subject?”, it can still be read.

“Someday I will be a mother. And I will not hide it. Quite the contrary, I will say. Do a thousand baby showers, use and abuse priority lines, etc. I will abuse my pregnant position. Until then, don’t get pregnant, because that doesn’t work on basis of miracles, He can read.

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