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Premier League - Day 1: Arsenal fall on Brentford turf (2-0)

Premier League – Day 1: Arsenal fall on Brentford turf (2-0)

After 74 years, Brentford have returned to great flight, icing on the cake and returning with a valuable victory against a poor Arsenal team. Still paralyzed by the same problems (and with some notable appearances this Friday), Michael Arteta’s team started the 2021/2022 season with an unexpected defeat against the promotion, and eventually no controversy (2-0). There is nothing optimistic about the Gunners to face Chelsea and then Manchester City in the next two days.

It is unclear how Brentford’s Premier League season will end. But it is already clear that the bees have noticed their entry. They were promised a lesson against Arsenal, which would be used to secure the opening matches of the championship (3 of 3 wins in its history). The exception to proving the competition rule against promotion, and worse, confirmed the concerns observed during production. Unable to keep up the pace ahead, Mike Ortta’s men were often abandoned by their defenses. Also, against a generous team like Brentford, they ended up paying the bill.

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Arsenal, always the same story

We do not understand how Time Chambers was able to defend against Sergey Canos, who easily chained the outdoor triple and powerful strike to deceive Bernd Lenovo (1-0, 22nd). We do not understand how the Arsenal players ended up on a long touch sent into the box by Christian Norcard (2-0, 73rd). For a frontboard that makes no effort to fear the worst, it doesn’t need many opportunities to be ahead of the scoreboard. This says a lot about the concern over the Gunners.

The editor of the disappointing first period tried to raise his head after the Arsenal break. Was better, but it is not enough to put faith in a better adversary than to sin in desire and commitment. We can only finally retain a strike worthy of Emily Smith Rowe’s bottom (52nd) or a half-volley from Granit Shaw (70th). For their part, Fowler’s Palogun and Nicolas Bebe, who were very inaccurate, did not get points, while Gabriel Martinelli was obvious. In short, Arsenal’s season begins as a dream, contrary to the dream in which Brentford lived.

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