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Premier League - Manchester United - Aston Villa: Cristiano Ronaldo and MU win at home (0-1)

Premier League – Manchester United – Aston Villa: Cristiano Ronaldo and MU win at home (0-1)

A crazy competition and headache for the Mangunis. MU conceded their first Premier League defeat of the season after losing their season. Ole Gunner Solkjer’s players lost to Aston Villa at Old Trafford on Saturday in the 6th day (0-1). Very inaccurate in attack and crash, they exploded late in the game at Courtney House (88th) heading. Bruno Fernandez missed an entire penalty in extra time and explained the failed performance of the Mancunians, who are still in the lead with 13 points. Aston Villa climbs to 7th place with 10 units.

With the same opening XI of the previous day of the championship, the Red Devils initially kept relatively low level defense and tried to take matters into their own hands by launching quick attacks to the sides. Bruno Fernandez was able to try his luck, but missed the target (2nd and 5th) just like his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo (11th). After the first quarter hour, Aston Villa was very interested. John McKinn, started on the right side of the Mangunian area, missed the frame by Matt Target in the distance (16th) alone.

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Red demons are very inaccurate

Influential but clumsy, like the very unique Mason Greenwood, Manchunians chained the efforts that were not structured or opposed in the first period. Harry Maguire aimed to be on the cross following a long free kick, but the Villains goalkeeper rested well (43rd). Mankunia captain, on the other hand, gave his goalkeeper David de Kia a job on a bad pass (22nd) while the injured Luke Shaw was slow to give up his place (34th).

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At the break, Manchester United designed only 2 of their 15 attempts and did not restart it. The Soulscare players started the second act very smoothly and their captain Maguire stayed on the lawn for a long time and followed Shaw despite the problem in the left calf. He should have been warned for a collision with John McKinn (63rd) but could have been awarded a penalty the next minute for a mistake by Ezri Gonza.

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Fernandez missed the mark

In the midst of this turmoil, Victor Lindelof came into action (67th). Rafael Varane knocked him down by Olly Watkins and then forced De Gea to work (69th). Both teams had extended volumes and continued to respond with quick but often poorly constructed attacks. Edison Cavani, who started the last ten minutes, was hit in a defensive corner by the House.

Cavani retaliated against the striker. Except that Bruno Fernandez sent his penalty to the stands (90th + 3rd). Aston Villa have won just one of their previous 45 league games against Manchester United, in December 2009. Nearly twelve years later, Dean Smith’s Villains won again at Old Trafford by the same score. What doubt for the Mangunians, who are facing their third defeat in four matches after a setback between the Young Boys who were knocked out of the League Cup against the Champions League (2-1) and West Ham (0-1).

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