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Preparation for the Battle of Kherson:

Preparation for the Battle of Kherson:

Return of the fighting: A Ukrainian soldier inspects the trenches left by Russian forces after the Ukrainian advance in Kherson Province. The photo was taken on October 12.

The civilian population of four cities of the Kherson province will be evacuated from the vicinity of the Dnipro River. The Russian leadership in the occupied area decided so.


They call it an “organised movement.”

According to Reuters, the background to this move is the fear of an attack by Ukrainian forces.

Already last week alerted both British intelligence And that Russian prisoner leader in Kherson That there could be a danger of street fighting in Kherson.

Then the leader, Vladimir Saldo, announced that he would ask Russia to evacuate the local population.

to Mosvka24 Says Kherson’s deputy commander, pro-Russian Kirill Strimosov, said that he is demanding a speedy evacuation.

– The battle of Kherson will begin soon. The civilian population is advised, if possible, to leave the area where heavy fighting will take place.

Kherson is one of four regions of Ukraine recently annexed by Russia, and the regional capital Kherson was the first major Ukrainian city to fall to Russian forces after the February invasion.

– Russia will first of all guarantee the safe evacuation of Kherson residents, General Sergei Sorovikin told Rossiya 24 TV channel Tuesday night.

Surovkin also admits that the situation of Russian forces in Ukraine is “tense” after the Russians suffered a series of defeats in the face of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

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Earlier this month, Surovkin was appointed commander-in-chief of Russian forces in the war in Ukraine.

Top: Photo of General Sergei Sorovikin during a press meeting in Moscow on Tuesday.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted this The reason behind the decision About rallying more people to the army is that they struggled to stay on the front lines:

– It is impossible to hold out on the front lines by employing officers only under contract, and that is why we announced the mobilization, Putin said during a press conference In Astana in Kazakhstan in connection with the summit.

Ukraine carried out an offensive in Kherson, but according to experts, Ukraine prefers to avoid urban warfare in Kherson. The city had a population of 283,000 before the war.

British intelligence Wrote in his status update on Thursday of last week Local authorities may be preparing to evacuate, indicating that they may be headed toward urban warfare.