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Presents the Art of Broken Relationships - VG

Presents the Art of Broken Relationships – VG

Artist trio: Fv: Nick Cave, Thomas Houseago and Brad Pitt in Tampere, Finland on Saturday.

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is having his first art exhibition — and he’s in good company.


American Brad Pitt (58) collaborated with Australian rocker Nick Cave (64). British artist Thomas Hozigo (50) joins the team.

On Saturday, the three opened their joint art exhibition with sculptures at the Sarah Helden Museum of Art in Tampere, Finland.

– For me and I, this is a whole new world, and our first attempt. Pete told Finnish TV that it seems fine howling.

Pete offers nine artworks, some examples on Twitter:

Among the works is a large Styrofoam installation with several people in what looks like a gunfight. Otherwise, there are silicone sculptures of various shapes for the house.

Pete explains to howling That what he created is about self-reflection

About where I have misunderstood and made mistakes in my relationships, and where I have failed morally. For me, this arose out of ownership of what I would call a radical self-view, as the movie star explains of the artwork.

I have been brutally honest with myself and take responsibility for everyone I have hurt, and for all the times I have acted incorrectly.

It is said that Pete started art in 2017, one year later Breakup with Angelina Jolie (47). He is also married to Jennifer Aniston (53) behind him, as well as a number of other Hollywood romance novels.

Sculptures: Fv: Nick Cave, Thomas Houseago and Brad Pitt with some of their work.

Watchman He mentions the event and describes Pete’s artistic stunt and presence as a “big surprise” for Finns. It was not previously announced that Pete would be in place during the opening.

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The Sarah Helden Museum of Art reports that this is the first time Pete, who is self-taught in the field of art, has shown his sculptures to the public.

It’s exciting and fascinating at the same time, says Sarin Suikkonen, head of the museum France Press agency.

Nick how ceramic displays.

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