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President Famalicão reports on the state of Ugarte's business

President Famalicão reports on the state of Ugarte’s business



Miguel Ribeiro reaffirms Sporting’s interest. “We’re talking to try and get to a good port,” he began.

SAD do Famalicão President Miguel Ribeiro on Wednesday made the case for negotiations with Sporting for Ugarte, a “dating” that has been lagging behind in this transfer market, but that has not yet resulted in a “marriage”.

“Sporting is interested in Ugarti, we are talking, not only about the question of values, but also about the conditions for implementing these values, we are talking about trying to reach a successful port,” he began explaining in an interview. with sports tv.

“Is it an outcome that can happen? Yes, it can happen. Sporting is interested in the player, the player looks at us positively, we accept negotiation, so it is normal for this process to take place. This process is a peaceful process, which deep down is part of the process. From the goal of Famalicão SAD on its way, which is to identify the good players, to invest in some, in the case of Ugarte, it was a high investment, the highest and it will hardly be surpassed “It is part of our goal and it is normal and natural for something to happen”.

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