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Presidential election: Elections, meetings, statements ... Sunday is the last day of the pre-round campaign

Presidential election: Elections, meetings, statements … Sunday is the last day of the pre-round campaign

Twelve candidates for the presidency are living the last day of the campaign, this Friday, April 8, just before the first round on Sunday. What are their latest projects? What do recent polls show?

It was the last day to throw all their forces into battle to convince the French. Then, it will be too late. Twelve candidates running in the presidential election will no longer have the right to speak this Friday midnight, allowing the French to express their will and letting their ballots slip out of the ballot box on Sunday.

What do recent polls say?

In one week, Emmanuel Macron lost two points, while Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon each scored two points. Echoes, Classic radio Released Thursday. Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron is projected to get 26% of the vote, RN candidate Marin Le Pen 22% and rebel candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon 17%. In the second round, Emmanuel Macron will win by 53-47% against 55-45% a week ago.

All other candidates are less than 10%: LR Valérie Pécresse and Reconquest candidate Eric Zemmour 9%, EELV candidate Yannick Jodot 5%, Communist and Resistance candidate Jean Lazale 3%, PS on Hidalgo 2%. Along with Debout la France candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, NPA candidates Philippe Poutou and Lutte Ouvrière Nathalie Arthaud are aiming for 1% of the vote.

The survey was conducted online from April 4 to 7 on 2,043 people who registered to vote in the quota system. The margin of error is between 1 and 2.2 points.

What are the latest projects from the candidates?

Emmanuel Macron Ends his campaign with an interview with readers of Parisian This Friday. He attacks Marine Le Pen directly: “I think Marine Le Pen has a false social plan because he did not fund it. He has a plan that puts small savers and small pensions at great risk. He is lying to the people,” the candidate said. He also accused Eric Gemmore of “completely trivializing the speech of Marine Le Pen”. Emmanuel Macron’s decision on the RN’s candidate: “His fundamentals have not changed: he has a racist agenda that aims to divide society and great brutality”.

Le Parisien – Emmanuel Macron, who confronts readers in France today, attacks the Marine Le Pen, accusing him of having a “false social agenda”. He also mentions his own plan in purchasing power, education and health # Presidentielle2022

– The Persian (@le_Parisian) April 7, 2022

Law Candidate R.N. Marine Le Pen The call for the union began in the presence of nearly 3,000 people at the Perpignan Exhibition Center. “If the people vote, the people will win. Our beloved country needs you. The fate of the country will be decided on Sunday the 24th. This great evening cannot be done without you. History cannot be written without you.” Add: “I urge you to go and vote. We did not vote. Especially if we are patriotic. Especially if the country needs encouragement.”

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Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon Was the guest at 8 p.m. TF1. He reiterated that if elected, he would decide to “disable the price of basic necessities.” His observation: “Millions of comrades are in the process of falling into dangerous situations when they are not there”. Step 2: “Freeze grain prices and stocks”.

Eric Zemmer, He was at a meeting at the Palais des Sport in Paris. The guest of LCI declared, “No useful vote, I vote useful for France.” In his view, he reiterated that only he could unite the rights: “We need people from the LR to blow up the LR with people going to Macron like Valerie Beckress. Only I can make this meeting. We can compromise all artificially divided elections.” To.

Law Candidate L.R. Valerie Begress He spoke in front of 1,500 activists in Lyon and urged the French not to be “spoiled in the election.” She said: “There is only one right-wing vote on Sunday. Between immobility and extremism, there is only a third way, and that is us.” Regional President Laurent Wauquiez praised Valérie Pécresse for his courage, “toughness” and “resilience”.

I want to grow France. I want to straighten it out. I want to rebuild it.

There are still three days to flip the table, three days to rewrite the history of France, three days to give it all. # Pecresse2022

– Valerie Pecresse (vpecresse) April 7, 2022

Yanik Jodot, The EELV candidate, faced Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the left, in a crowd of about 500 people in the open air in Nantes, which was disturbed by the winds of Diego storm, and begged for a useful vote. “The environmental bulletin is not a poll that is fun every five years. It’s an efficient vote, without hope, without complacency. Look from the municipal elections, the environmental bulletin is changing our cities,” Yannick Jodot promised.

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PC candidate Fabian Russell Gathered 5,000 people at Zénith de Lille. “This is the beginning of a renaissance for social progress, for the left, for France,” he promised, “the beginning of the struggle, the beginning of the struggles, and we will continue to lead together.” He addressed voters driven by Le Pen or Zemmour votes: “Social progress is ours, social success is ours”.

There are thousands of us tonight.

This is not our last meeting. This is not the end of a story. This is the beginning of a new story. We have an appointment this Sunday to write it together!

Long live France, long live the Republic and Happy Days!

– Fabien Roussel (abFabien_Roussel) April 7, 2022

NPA candidate Philip Poudo He spoke to his constituents in Toulouse on Thursday evening in front of more than 1,000 people. “We’re not saying effective votes are NPAs, but on the other hand, the NPA vote has a purpose,” the former Ford worker promised. . “What we need is a salary, not a job,” he said, expanding his plan. He also said that after the second round, the left should “rebuild as wide as possible”.

The whole house in Toulouse this evening, even a little more. 1300, 1400, 1500 people is hard to count, it’s always a good sign. Tomorrow is the last day of the Grenoble campaign, we continue, we will not give up!

– PhilippePoutou (hPhilippePoutou) April 7, 2022

What are the candidates doing for the last day campaign?

– Marine Le Pen, RN candidate, in Perpignan
– Valerie Pécresse, LR candidate, in Cairn (Vaucluse)
– Nicholas DuPont-Ayknon “For Toll Operation” in Yvelines on A10
– Anne Hidalgo goes to a market in Paris
– Fabian Russell in Paris “Abuse at the end of the campaign”
– Yannick Jadot, EELV candidate, visits a biomass boiler room in Lyon
– Philip Poudo at a meeting in Grenoble
– Natalie Arthur at a meeting in Rouen

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