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Pressure is mounting on his part on Boris Johnson:

Prime Minister: Boris Johnson heads the Conservative government in Britain. Here from Wednesday’s question time.

The British professor believes that a possible vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson by his party colleagues would be so humiliating that the prime minister could withdraw in advance.


– I think it is unlikely that he will survive the vote if it comes down to it.

This is what Tony Travers, a political professor at the London School of Economics, told VG.

But the big question now is whether a proposal to assign blame to Boris Johnson internally in his own party will be made, and thus became the poll. For this to happen, at least 54 of their deputies must send letters to the so-called 1922 Committee.

Today just what it is Sky News I sent 12 such messages. More have been sent before, and more are expected. But so far no one knows exactly how many there are. Only four actually confirmed that they did. One of them, Christian Wakeford, On Wednesday he announced the transition from the Conservative Party to the other major Labor party.

– It is clear that this is a very dangerous situation for the Prime Minister. He depends on the confidence of the elected representatives of his party. His problem is that there is a massacre of Conservatives in the local elections in May, and more and more party MPs seem to believe that the chances of losing their seats in the upcoming national elections are now increasing with him as leader, Travers says.

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At the same time, the professor notes that Johnson is known as a “remarkable survivor” and that it has always been difficult to weed out Tory leaders, no matter how unpopular they may be.

– Therefore, I still think that at the moment he is more likely to survive than not to have him (there will be no less than 54-character journals), but the situation is by no means good for him.

‘Impossibly stupid’

The quote above was submitted by Travers to VG at 11.20 on Wednesday. At 13.00, the time for the weekly questions began in the House of Commons of the British Parliament. Travers said he could change his mind about Johnson’s chances of remaining as prime minister, Travers said.

The ever-growing number of “party in the middle of a pandemic” scandal has been a hot topic once again.

British media reported at least eleven Parties allegedly set up either at the residence of the Prime Minister or in other government places between May 2020 and April 2021, writes Reuters. Johnson apologized to the parties several times, but claimed, among other things, that he believed he was there as part of a career event. Your apologies Many described it as pathetic.

classmate according to Sky News Johnson said he was “unbearably stupid”.

Johnson refused to comply with his demands that he should resign, as the opposition, and thus more and more on his part, he believed. He did the same when asked directly in the House of Commons on Wednesday if he wanted to resign now:

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“No, but as I said last week, I apologize for the mistakes made,” replied Johnson, who had repeatedly referred to the ongoing investigation with many parties, and said Parliament should wait for the result from next week before giving a proper answer to the question.

Nor did he answer important questions about the parties, or his previously changing interpretations of them. He referred exclusively to the investigation.

– awful

Johnson’s member David Davis, a veteran and former Brexit secretary, spoke during the question period and told how he has defended and supported the Prime Minister for so long. But he also said he expects leaders to be held accountable for their actions. Something Johnson was clearly no longer doing. Thus he demanded the resignation of his leader:

– Despite all the good you’ve done, you’ve sat for a long time. For God’s sake, go!

The question now is whether enough Johnson supporters, Davis, think the prime minister should go.

Davis’ statement was very shocking, but despite that, I still believe there is a greater chance that Johnson will survive. His performance today was strong. He showed self-confidence, Travers tells VG after question time.

In the Boris Belt: David Davis during question time on Wednesday.

Thus, he does not believe there will be as many as 54 Conservatives calling for Johnson’s resignation. He still didn’t dare to be a pervert when VG talked to him at 3pm.

We don’t know enough about the effect of question time yet, but at the end of the day we’ll likely have a clearer picture, says the professor.

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– So insulting

In any case, Travers believes Johnson performed much better on Wednesday than he did during a television interview with Sky News on Tuesday.

– Then it looked as if he had given up. It was a very sad performance. The expert says that during question time, he hasn’t appeared as someone who wishes it could be over.

Many thought Johnson on Tuesday looked like a broken man. according to Daily Telegraph Representatives who attended a meeting with Johnson yesterday said he was in tears when he tried to beg them to continue to give him confidence.

Also last week, Johnson had to answer the party’s accusations at the time of the question:

If he receives 54 or more letters of no-confidence against him, and there is a vote in which he must get at least half the votes of his party colleagues to continue, Travers would not believe he would remain as prime minister.

But it is not a given that there will actually be a vote even if at least 54 characters are submitted.

– I think it is more likely that he withdraws before they vote. Travers notes that this vote is deeply offensive, and says the situation reminds him of when confidence in Margaret Thatcher vanished like sand in an hourglass in 1990.

Prof Travers also points out that it does not have to be such a big downturn for Boris Johnson to leave politics.

His unique personality isn’t ideal for gaining much confidence in the community, but he’s someone who could have a great career — and make more money — elsewhere.