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Preview: 2021 Episode 7, Live Show 5: Which dances are the candidates performing today?

Preview: 2021 Episode 7, Live Show 5: Which dances are the candidates performing today?

“Let’s Dance” 2021 continues tonight with Episode 7, Live Show 5. In the article here you will learn everything you need to know about the dances of the candidates.

After last week’s Easter break, “Let’s Dance” continues today with 2021 Episode 7, which is now the fifth live show. Although the April weather currently lives up to its name, major amateur dancers are warming up the audience today. Today’s show is entirely under the motto of “Summer Party” in which candidates go to warm rhythms on the floor.

As usual, the performance will be judged by a well-known arbitral tribunal, which will include Motsi Mapus, Joachim Lamby and George Gonzalez. But visitors can tell by phone poll who will come to the next round. What dances are the stars trying to convince today? We will tell you here in our preview.

Today’s “Let’s Dance”: Candidates’ dances in Episode 7

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Episode 7 of “Let’s Dance” airs on Friday, 9.4.21, from 8.15pm R.D.L..

Candidates’ dances

After Kai Ebel had to leave the show last week, 10 famous dancers are now battling for the title of “Dancing Star” 2021. Here you can see which dances will be featured in the 7th, 5th live show today: Here in our overview:

  • Ills Telangie And Evgeny Vinogrove With the tango “Voyage, Voyage” written by Desire
  • Valentina Bahte And Valentine Lucin “Sunny” Pony M with Slowfox.
  • Rarik Kozlason And Renata Dozen With speed “Summer in the city“Spoonful of Van The Low
  • Yes Obama And Andrzej Sibis With Rumba “Kokomo“From Beach Boys
  • Simon Sachenhuber And Patricia Belosova With Jeeve to Rupert Holmes’ “Escape”
  • Nicola Bushman And Vadim Karpozov With Charleston for Nina’s “You Forgot the Color Film” Hagen
  • Errol Sander And Marta Arnt With Samba for Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long”
  • Mickey Cross And Malika Tsumev With salsa from The Champs to “Tequila”
  • John Hofer And Christina Luft By “Summerwind” with Slofox Frank Sinatra
  • Lola Weibert And Christian Polang With salsa to Wilkens’ “Margarita”
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Let’s dance“2021: All the information about Season 14

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These Celebrities Are Dancing: Let’s Dance – Candidates 2021: Who’s Out? All participants.


These professionals help candidates: Let’s dance 2021: Professional dancers.


Here we introduce the Jurors: Dancing: Jury 2021 – These are the judges in Season 14.

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