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Preview: Splatoon 3 will bring news and improvements to Switch color forever

Preview: Splatoon 3 will bring news and improvements to Switch color forever

It is among the most awaited games of 2022. In light of this, Nintendo Blast has prepared a special preview of the great expectations about the future title, which will bring news to the Inklings and Octolings franchise in terms of plot, scenarios, genres, equipment, and conflict modes. So grab your own ink gun and join us on this prep mission for the new Switch adventure.

New chapters and claws of the series

Splatoon 3 takes place in the desert lands of Splatlands, which have been utterly destroyed by the heat of the sun and the constant and chaotic paint disputes that have arisen between the species in the series. Set amidst its sandy plains, Splattsville is a city with a large population that the adventurous can find main center Access to different game modes for the title.

One of them is the new story mode, which will include a single-player campaign in the mysterious region of Alterna. Although it is part of the Splatlands map, this site is special because of its cold and snowy theme. In addition to the climatic complications, the area is in distress due to the appearance of a gooey, dark substance, known as Fuzzy Ooze, that pollutes structures and affects residents who touch it. To make matters worse, the presence of this element appears to be related to the ancient villain DJ Octavio, where the terna witnesses the appearance of the evil Octavian, who now have brown fur on their bodies.

Through the plot based on these places, players will be able to choose their character between the two main genres of the series, Inklings and Octolings, to investigate these mysterious events. To do this, they will have a cute little Smallfry of salmonids, which will become an explosive helper on missions. In addition, adventurers will also get support from characters returning to the series, including the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, Craig Cuttlefish and Captain Cap’n Cuttlefish, members of the new Squidbeak Splatoon Project.

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Although a few snippets have been revealed, we already know that the campaign will be titled The Return of Mammals, which could indicate that other mammals (besides Cunning God and Little God, of course) will appear in Splatoon 3. Species will characterize the story and gameplay, but Fans can be guaranteed one detail: the debut of this new story will be able to safely expand the beloved world of Splatoon, which contains complex situations, which, surprisingly, are very interesting. Battle modes.

More colorful contests

As with previous editions in the franchise, one of the great attractions of Splatoon 3 will be the colorful online multiplayer matches. Soon, players can look forward to the return of the classic Turf War and Salmon Run modes, but now with some new features. While the former will receive new scripted scenarios and new features, such as the ability to re-route players through the Squid Spawn, the second will bring never-before-seen bosses into a new wave of co-op adventure, now called Salmon Run Next Wave.

Similarly, two other game modes will appear in the title, one of which is Tri-Color Turf War. This will be exclusive to Splatfests events and will consist of simultaneous duels between three teams, who will compete to color scenarios and ensure control of the Ultra Signal. Meanwhile, the first other format will be Anarchy Battle, which has come to replace the ranked matches in Splatoon 2. With many similarities, it is a competitive model that combines periodic matches from the well-known disputes areas of Splat, Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clam Blitz.

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When it comes to gameplay, the new additions to Splatoon 3 are the Squid Surge and Squid Roll moves, both of which are unique in the shape of a squid or octopus body. The first scenario can be implemented on the walls of scenarios, allowing us to carry forces and take vertical momentum to project ourselves upward. The second is a movement capable of directing us in opposite directions as we swim in the ink, allowing for the element of surprise in the clashes. That is, they are two additions that will bring new strategies to the franchise’s repertoire, with technologies that promise innovation in the use of tentacles in gameplay.

Adding to the list of novelties, two new classes of equipment have been added to the list of series: Stringers, which follow the style of the bow and arrow; and Splatanas, powerful weapons that deal great physical damage to opponents. Incidentally, these two categories were among the great attractions of the first Splatfest demo, which gave us a glimpse of what’s to come in the long-awaited title.

What the world premiere of Splatfest revealed

For 12 hours spread out on August 27 and 28, the Splatoon 3 demo was freely available to Switch users, introducing the first Splatfest in the title. This was marked by the conflict between the teams of Piedra, Babel, and Tesora, where the first team was the champion after violent clashes between the guerrillas and the tricolor.

In addition to the previously mentioned novelties, this demo gave us other improvements to the title, starting with changes in lobby of matches. From now on, Splatoon players who are waiting for new matches online will be placed in a kind of physical room that will allow them to test out their chosen weapons and view other users who are also in the matches. So, while the system good luck Opera, this waiting time will become more dynamic and less tedious than in previous versions.

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This is one of the basics implemented that aims to increase the quality of life of the game, as well as other small tweaks and additions that will improve the experience. Besides, there was also an application of the medal system in the form of tags, which displays the achievements of the players at the end of each match; And a new design, now available onscreen, more easily indicates conflict stats, such as who killed who and which specials are currently active.

Looking at this, Splatoon is more fun than ever and it also bears the advantages of its visuals, which are more vibrant with a very fluid gameplay, both in terms of graphics and performance on online networks. So it’s no wonder that the third entry is the definitive release of the shooter series, which only adds to our concern about the arrival of September 9.

Inklings, Octolings and News

Even without the intent to radically revamp the series’ structure, Splatoon 3 promises to bring content capable of satisfying even the most seasoned fans, who love a competitive match, as well as newcomers, who are embarking on their first ink into the series. waves. With improved game modes and an increase in the number of equipment, scenarios, movements and plot elements, here we have not only one of the great releases of the year, but also an entry that will expand the already enchanting and colorful universe of Splatoon.