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Previously "Moranguito" fights cancer and was accepted for IPO: "I received some boring news..."

Previously “Moranguito” fights cancer and was accepted for IPO: “I received some boring news…”

Joao Lamosa, former actor of the TVI youth series “Morangos com Açucar”, fights cancer and is hospitalized at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology.

The actor and voice actor took to social media to reveal the news, admitting that in early August he was diagnosed with the disease.

“I have never been one to expose myself beyond what I think is acceptable, so I will do it in the best way I know. Earlier this month I received some boring news, the kind that no one likes, but it is part of this wonderful miracle that will survive life “begins to write.

“Talking about ipolisboa now would make many of you uncomfortable but I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t. I want you to imagine people whose only goal is that you’re okay. Who guarantees you won’t miss a smile, a word of strength, a pat on the head or even two cans of marmalade? Whereas you are supposed to have the right to only one.”it can still be read.

“Imagine heroes, without fancy cloaks or shields of vibranium. People of flesh and blood have the superpower to say ‘we are here, whatever it is’ I cannot thank you enough for all the love, care and affection. Thank you to all the doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, assistants, security guards and guides. You are an inspiration!” Joao Lamosa concluded.

The actor who has dated Filipa Torrinha Nunes has participated in soap operas and series like Morangos com Açúcar, Os Filhos do Rock, I Love It or A Única Mulher.

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