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Prices next week (October 23 to 29)

Prices next week (October 23 to 29)

Fuel price information is based on calculations that take into account prices on international markets and other factors that are taken into account in forming fuel prices in Portugal. This is data I collect weekly from my sources in the fuel market.

I remind you that despite this price index, Each gas station can set the price it deems appropriate. Only private label stations should follow the brand’s instructions. Traders and each brand may or may not follow the instructions of the market leaders. But in my experience, they follow each other. This is the price trend for next week.

Continental Portugal

| Previous weeks*: (-3) (-4.5) (-0.7)(-1.5) (+6) (+3.5) (-1.5) (+2)(-1) (+1)(+5.5)(+ 6.5 + 2 ISP)(-0.5)(+1.5)(+1)(-2.5)(+2)(-0.5 )(+2.5)(-1)(+0.5)(+1.5)(+3 )( -6)((-3.5+2.8 ISP)=-0.7)( -3)(-1.5)(+1)(-1)(-0.5)(-4)(-2)(+4 )(-2.5 )(+2)(-4)(-8.5)( +2)(+2)(+1)(-4)(+2) 2023

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| Previous weeks*: (-3) (-6.5) (-0.5)(+0.5) (=) (-2) (-0.5) (+1)(+3)(=) (+0.5)(+7 + 2 ISP)(+1.5)(+1)(+1.5)(-3)(-0.5)(-2)(+2)(-2 .5)(+3)(+1.5)(+3.5 )( -6)((-3+2.4 ISP)=-0.6)(-5)(+1)(+1 .5)(+3)(+2)(-4)(+0.5)( +1)( -1)(+1)(-1.5)(-5)(+4)(+4)( +1.5)(-1)(+5) 2023

*Order of changes from newest to oldest.

| Previous weeks*: (-1) (-1) (=)(+0.5) (=) (+2) (+1)(+0.5)(-0.5)(+1)(+ 2.5)(=)( +1.5)(+1.5)(-2.5)(+1)(+1)(?)(-1)(+1.5)(-1) (=)(-3)(-1.5)(-3)( =)(=)(+5)(-6)(-4)(-2)(+2)(=)(-4) (=)(+4)(=)(+2)(-1) (=)(+2) 2023

*Order of changes from newest to oldest.


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