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Primark's new activating serum is 100% effective and costs only 8 euros

Primark's new activating serum is 100% effective and costs only 8 euros

A solid skincare routine with active ingredients doesn't have to bankrupt you. Start by cleansing, toning your skin, applying serum… *wait five minutes for the product to work* and then moisturize – simple steps to dream-like skin at affordable prices.

Primark's latest launch completes the skincare range.

We are talking about the innovative rejuvenating serum containing 10% Vitamin C PS… . “It is specially formulated to provide radiance, smoothness and firmness to the skin, as well as even skin tone and reveal a more radiant complexion,” highlights Primark, claiming that it is “perfect for skin with a tired and dull appearance or when the skin is tired and dull.” The skin just needs a little extra support.

Is vitamin C serum new to you?

“The best time of day to use it is in the morning, before moisturizer and sunscreen, to ensure that antioxidants and protection are maintained throughout the day, protecting the skin from pollution, environmental and sun damage, and improving appearance. And long-term skin health,” advises the brand.

“Feedback from users who tried the product showed amazing results: 81% of users agreed that their skin became more radiant after the first use, 87% agreed that their skin looked brighter after two weeks of use and 80% said they felt more tightened. Skin after four weeks of use,” reveals Primark.

Vegan, cruelty-free, and only €8 = new alert about viral beauty products.

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