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Primark's new casual coat has gone viral within hours – NiT

Primark's new casual coat has gone viral within hours – NiT

Primark's new casual coat has gone viral within hours

The short proposal never goes out of fashion and matches all pieces. Moreover, it is perfect for mid-season.

For sale online and in stores.

Primark's Instagram account works like a real fashion catalogue. Every day the Irish brand shares images of the various collections, whether for adults, children, makeup or décor offerings. And they always become successful.

With over 10 million followers, the retailer proved it once again by sharing a post that received thousands of interactions after just a few minutes. On video subscriber On Monday, March 4, the model appears in a denim jacket that has dozens of functions.

“From casual bike rides to late-night adventures, this denim jacket does it all,” the post description reads. Basically, it is the piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe, especially during the mid-season days, when the weather is always unstable.

It costs 19 euros.

The short denim model with front pockets is blue in color, ideal for combining with white and light pieces. Although its shape is a little loose, it is not too bulky. This means that it will not add volume to the silhouette, which always leads to insecurity for many people.

The truth is, fabric never goes out of style. Since its appearance in the 16th century in Italy and France, it has become popular in workplaces due to its resistance and durability. Later, from the eternal James Dean to the superstar Britney Spears, she achieved success in the world of fashion – and remains an example of longevity.

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The cropped denim jacket costs €19 in Primark physical stores. Available in sizes 32 to 42.

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