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Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store - He is not planning to visit Kyiv

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store – He is not planning to visit Kyiv

Foreign Minister Anken Heitfeldt and Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Massoud Garakhani visited the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on Sunday. On the same day, the government announced the partial reopening of the Norwegian embassy in the war-torn country.

May 8 also marks Liberation Day after World War II, the day German forces surrendered.


On Sunday, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store will take part in the celebration of the day at Akershus Castle.

Store told Dagbladet that the Norwegian visit to Kyiv on this day was a coincidence.

– I’m glad it happened today. The Prime Minister says it gives added meaning to what we celebrate here at Akershus Castle.

important date

Monday 9 May is Russia’s turn to celebrate Liberation Day. The liberation that is celebrated the next day is due to something as simple as the time difference.

Burning to: Lieutenant General Arne Bord Dalhaug at the War in Ukraine, and on Russia’s Celebration of Victory Day May 9.
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Putin used to celebrate the day with a huge military parade on Red Square in the country’s capital, Moscow.

Many parties speculated that Putin would declare all-out war on this day.

As of now, the war on the Russian side is called a special military operation.

– Paradox

A large-scale declaration of war also means a significant escalation of the war. Russian authorities dismissed the speculation as nonsense.

– Russia marks the end of World War II on May 9, I respect it very much. During the war the Russian people suffered tremendous suffering, and many sufferings they endured for our liberation, says Store, and continues:

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The biggest irony is that Russia is now embroiled in such a devastating war in Ukraine.

Don’t plan to visit

Store will not comment on whether he himself will visit Kyiv.

– He says he’s not in the planning stage now.

It is believed that the Norwegian Minister and Speaker of Parliament is a sign of support for the Norwegian democracy of Ukraine.

We note that we consider the leadership in Kyiv to be the democratically elected leadership, and that our diplomatic representation there is once again sound.