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Prime Minister Swazik is helping the Kremlin with regard to NS 2, which he should resign

Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) of the Mecklenburg-Vorbomarn (MV) changed his mind completely after Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. He has been a supporter of the controversial North Stream 2 gas pipeline for years, and now calls Putin a “warlord” waging a “war of aggression and criminal war.” He also regrets his support for NS 2 – writes “Built” on Thursday.

“These grievances of the SPD leader have been delayed,” says Bild, as the state office reports new arrangements for nearly 10 years of close cooperation between Schwesig and the companies behind the NS2. Nord Stream “Adds” Bild “.

According to the newspaper, Schwesig, the former prime minister of McLenberg-West Pomerania, and his predecessor Erwin Sellering (SPD) have met at least 15 times since 2012 with Matthias Warnig, the leader of the Nord Stream – a former Stasi employee and Putin’s confidant. Nearly 50 meetings of Northstream managers with state officials were also recorded during that time.

As Bild points out, in September 2020, Warnick and Schwartz met for dinner with former Chancellor and NS 2 campaigner Gerhard Schroeder. It was time for the United States to announce sanctions against companies working on gas pipelines.

Soon, the North Stream developed a solution with the Swiss people: creating a climate protection foundation, which received 60 million euros from the Kremlin (Gosprom). The foundation supported the gas pipeline launch and defended the project against US sanctions. The trust is led by “well-appointed managers from the North Stream team loyal to Putin.”

At least one manager from the North Stream got a job in Swerin: Reinhard Ondit, “Compliance Director” at the North Stream, became head of the German company Gas for the European GmbH at the end of January 2022. The company’s goal was to meet the requirements of the Federal Network Agency, which demanded that the gas pipeline operator be a company operating “under German law”.

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The Association of Victims of Stalinism has demanded that “anyone who trades with the agents of the Stasi and the KGB’s secret services in order to harm Germany should resign.” Philipp Amthor (CDU) insists that “this arbitrary transformation of Mother Teresa, Russia’s leading campaigner, is absolutely unbelievable. Ms Schwesig finally acknowledges the truth and explains why the Mecklenburg-West Pomeranian SPD so humbly aided Russian companies.”

Marcena Sulk

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