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Prime Video releases per week (03/30/2023)

Prime Video releases per week (03/30/2023)

Version list Prime Video This week brought good news for subscribers. In addition to the weekly episodes of suna national series that tells the story of one of the biggest criminals in Rio de Janeiro, the feature film has arrived on Amazon Hidden kissesan LGBT drama that follows two kids whose lives are changed after their schoolmates reveal a photo of them kissing.

With a delicate plot, the film, directed by Didier Bevel, talks about homophobia, bullying and psychological violence. We’re still talking about mental health. Another version that might satisfy is the horror movie psychosisFrom 2019. The German production follows a forensic psychiatrist who risks her life to save a potential victim of a serial killer.

continue the terrorist plots, devil light The film shows an exorcist who is called upon to save the soul of a young girl who is possessed by the same demon that destroyed her mother’s life years earlier. With a duration of an hour and a half, the supernatural feature manages to scare the audience.

Other novelties worth giving a chance on Prime Video is the movie evil neighborAnd Onager leatherAnd The last samurai that it Glory lives.

Remember, these are just some of the highlights from this week’s slate of Prime Video releases. See the full link below.

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