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Prince Andrei sells his only possessions to pay a lawsuit

Prince Andrei sells his only possessions to pay a lawsuit

NS Prince Andrei offered for sale a property in his name: a chalet in Switzerland that was put on the real estate market for 23.7 million dollars, which is almost 20 million euros.

According to The Times, the money raised by Queen Elizabeth II’s son from the sale will be to cover court proceedings in which he found himself involved, after he was accused of sexual assault by a woman.

The property, out of curiosity, has seven bedrooms and was purchased by André in 2014, based on a loan and private fund from the Queen of England.

The same publication also shows that the prince will not, allegedly, have any other property in his name.

It is worth noting that Andre and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, with whom they have a close relationship, currently live at the Royal Lodge, one of the property of the British monarch.

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