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Prince Christian: - Go to Prince's School

Prince Christian: – Go to Prince’s School

Already in April, the Danish royal family can say so Prince Christian (16)Son of Crown Prince Frederick (53) and Crown Princess Mary (49), He’s been away from home this fall.

The 16-year-old will continue his education at the Herlufsholm Gymnasium boarding school in Næstved, and will live with other students at the school.

On Wednesday this week, the Prince’s School got a lot of attention in the Danish press. A number of newspapers wrote that the army’s ordnance jockeys had moved to the Herlovsholm gymnasium.

according to TV 2 East The teacher sounded the alarm after he or she discovered a chemical on the school premises.

black errors: Watch and listen, Royal House expert Anders Stavsing interviews Princess Mary of Denmark in Texas. Things did not go as they should.
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Then, a safety zone was immediately set up, and the police said they chose to detonate the unstable chemical, which was acid. The chemical was removed by a controlled explosion on Wednesday morning.

Prince Christian Waldemar Henry John, as he is actually called, He must inherit according to plan The Danish throne after his grandmother Queen Margrethe and her father.

In other words, it is safe to say that the young prince faces a life different from the lives of most others of his age, and although he lives today like most young people, a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of the young ones.

It is not known where the Danish prince lived at the time of the above incident.