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Prince Christian: - Ready for a new everyday life

Prince Christian: – Ready for a new everyday life

Prince Christian (15), whose full name is Christian Waldemar Henry John, is the future heir to the throne of Denmark, as the eldest of Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary.

Thus he will take the throne from his grandmother, Queen Margaret, and his father.

In other words, it can be said with confidence that the young prince faces a life different from most others of his age, and although he still lives like most young men today, a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of the young ones.

So it’s no wonder he gets attention for most of what he does. In April, it was announced that the 15-year-old would be moving away from his home this fall when he starts high school. This is because the prince will go to the Herlufsholm boarding school, which is located in the south of Zealand.

Adult: Prince Christian joined the ranks of the adults when he moved away from his home on Wednesday of this week.  Photo: Keld Navntoft / Kongehuset
grown ups: Prince Christian joined the adult ranks when he left his home on Wednesday of this week. Photo: Keld Navntoft / Kongehuset
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And yesterday was the big day – the prince’s first day at his new school. Many international media have noticed this, writes Danesh BT.

supportive, encouraging, supportive: It may seem as though Synnøve Skarbø has gained a royal following. Reporter: Janet N. Vick/Photo: NTB
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An American wrote: “Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark seemed like the proudest parents when their eldest son started school at his new school on Tuesday.” Hello! magazine, and points to a picture of the three family members:

Proud: There were two visibly proud parents who attended the first day of school.  Photo: Keld Navntoft / Kongehuset
proud: There were two proud parents who attended the son’s first day of school. Photo: Keld Navntoft / Kongehuset
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Also in the UK, many media outlets celebrated the Danish Prince’s first school day – including daily Mail, who seems particularly impressed with Crown Princess Mary:

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“Crown Prince Mary was as elegant as little in her floral dress, silver earrings, and exquisite necklace.” This is the online newspaper description of the future Queen of Denmark.

also German Bronte Note that the Crown Prince and the Crown Prince are proud of their son:

Ready: It looks like the prince is ready to start his new daily life.  Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset
Clear: The prince seems ready to start his new daily life. Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset
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Filled with pride and sadness, they looked at Prince Christian as he took a step forward and moved into his new home.

Snoop School

Christian previously lived at Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen, and attended Tranigardskollen in Hellerup. But now he faces a new daily life. And not least – expensive.

According to the Danish BT The cost of an academic year at Herlufsholm boarding school is 157,000 DKK.

royal house: When Crown Princess Mary (48) made her first official assignment after her summer break last year, it ended very little after she shook hands with WWF Secretary-General Beau Oxneberg.
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Watch and Listen, Royal House expert Caroline Vagel told Dagbladet this spring that the prince has attended public school for the years, until now.

– The school in which he will start is the same school that his cousin Prince Nikolai (son of Prince Joachim’s newspaper.) She went, she said, and continued:

The school is notorious for being arrogant and a choice for the upper class. It is of course related to the fact that it is expensive to be a student there.

According to Vagle, in addition to the tuition fees themselves, one must count on additional expenses, among other things, for school uniforms and study trips.

property piece: The British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) kicked off on Monday evening. Brad Pitt gave a thank-you note with a humorous sting to the British royal family. This was Prince William’s reaction. Video: NTB Scanpix and Dagbladet TV
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However, this is not Christian’s first encounter with a boarding school. In October 2019, it became known via a press release From the Danish Royal House to Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary is to send their children to a boarding school in Switzerlandfor twelve weeks

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Here, according to Danish Se og Hør, the Crown Prince’s children were to be taught both English and French, something the 15-year-old also learned at home in Denmark.

However, the stay was canceled two weeks ago Due to the Corona pandemic, children were forced to continue their education in home schooling.