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Prince Harry blames the media for the breakup with Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry blames the media for the breakup with Chelsy Davy

noIn the scope of a judicial process that led him this week to testify at the High Court in London, England, Prince Harry revealed several matters of a private nature.

In a written statement obtained by The New York Times, the Duke of Sussex claimed he felt his relationship with Chelsy Davy, one of his former girlfriends, was “always doomed” because of the persecution he was the target of at the time by tabloids.

“It was this feeling of always being watched,” the 38-year-old duke noted. “I think it was more difficult for Chelsea when she lived in England… Everyone has limits on what they can handle,” Harry explains.

Recall that Harry and Davy met in 2004 and maintained a relationship, with ups and downs, until 2010, when the young woman realized that her future did not involve being part of the British royal family.

It should be noted that these statements come in the context of Harry’s lawsuit against the Mirror Group Newspaper Limited. The youngest son of King Charles III says tabloids from this group have accessed private information through illegal means.

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